Response Essay On Basic Theology

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Response Essay on Basic Theology

Response Essay on Basic Theology


The book, “Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide to Understanding Biblical Truth,” is written by Charles Caldwell Ryrie and is published by the Moody Publishers. This book is written for the purpose of educating the layman about the basic theology. This book utilizes simple language and easy words, as well as illustrations and examples to ensure that the message is effectively conveyed to the readers. This paper is a response essay of this educational and informative book.


In Basic Theology has taken the formidable topic of theology and has created an introduction and reference text for a balanced range of important theological themes, giving the reader a firm foundation for their faith and a powerful weapon against heresy and of questionable interpretations of the Word of God. Ryrie has used a conservative approach in his book to handle the subject of theology. While there are many theological positions on several points of the Bible, most scholars divided theology into two main groups: conservative and liberal (although others distinguish them in fundamentalist, conservative, neo-orthodoxy and liberal). Interestingly, this division between conservatives and liberals is given by the conservatives, not liberals, because for them the theology is one, although some of them make mockery of conservatives.

I believe that the Basic Theology defends the orthodox religious view on the question of the essence of religion, its origin, criticizes various atheistic hypothesis of the origin and essence of religion, and explores the highlights of proof of existence of God, and the main provisions of the Christian faith. I think the theology is the doctrine of religious dogma and concluded in the framework of philosophical thinking, designed to protect these dogmas and justify. It is a complex of disciplines involved in the study, outlining, rationale and ...
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