Response To Great Gatsby

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Response to Great Gatsby

Response to Great Gatsby

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Chapter 1

The narrator of the book Nick Caraway introduced himself as the author and narrator of the book. He introduced the hero of Novel Gatsby, who had all the characteristics which Nick scorned. Gatsby was wealthy and influential but there were many rumors in New York for his social status (Scott, 1925). However, he considered not to rely on his judgments about Gatsby as Nick began liking him.

Chapter 2

The chapter summarizes the train journey of Nick and Tom. The valley of ashes is portrayed as a picture of absolute poverty and desolation.

Chapter 3

One of the weekend party thrown by Gatsby is summarized, in which Nick was also invited. The guests are shown to discuss the rumors about Gatsby, as no one knew about the source of his wealth and power. The party was very luxurious, where the gests got a chance to enjoy access to Rolls-Royce of Gatsby, beach, swimming pool, crates of oranges and lemons, and many more.

Chapter 4

Nick listed all the people who had attended the parties thrown by Gatsby that summer. This gave Nick a list of all the wealthy and powerful people of the city. Although Gatsby told his story to Nick, he was not able to believe on it.

Chapter 5

Chapter describes the confusion which Gatsby has for inviting Daisy over tea. Nick agreed to help Gatsby in this regard. As a favor, Gatsby offered services of a man to cut grass for Nick, and also suggested that he could make some money by investing in business together.

Chapter 6

This chapter is most important as it reveals the early life history of Gatsby, and tell the reader that how he became so wealthy.

Chapter 7

In this chapter, Gatsby called off his parties, preoccupied with the love of Daisy. Also, he fired his servants to prevent the gossips which were spreading in the New York. Tom got the surety about the feelings of Gatsby and Daisy, as they stared on each other and Daisy took no interest in her newly born baby girl.

Chapter 8

Wilson killed Gatsby and also shot himself immediately after him.

Chapter 9

The events surrounding the Gatsby's funeral are discussed. Most of the Gatsby's friends refused to attend the funeral, even Tom and Daisy. Being sick of the values of the City, Nick decided to leave the city, he also broke up with Jordan in the same chapter.

Response to Questions

Question 1

The first and most important experience regarding the dream comes true is of Gatsby. When he was young and returned from war, wishing to marry Daisy on his return, he came to know that she had already married Tom due to the fact that he was wealthier and had attractive personality. This was the time when Gatsby developed the dream of becoming even richer than Tom, with the view that he would be able to attract his first love in this way. Second experience is, when the novel progressed and Gatsby is ...