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Cover Letter

Joseph Sorice

Home Address: 9279 North Florence Rd., Pittsburgh PA 15237

Telephone Number: 412-758-0743


Dear Employer,

I am writing to express my interest in the vacancy of customer service representative at your company.

After reading and evaluating the job description, I realize that my abilities and skills are a perfect match for the job. I possess required adequate education and experience that would be beneficial for your company. I possess a multitude of competencies and skills that differentiate me from other candidates. One of the significant capabilities I possess is the skill to establish a quick rapport with candidates. I possess excellent communication and negotiation skills that would be helpful for this job. I also have dynamic communication skills and interpersonal skills which are important requirements for customer service job. I have the experience and skills in developing long-term relationships with customers. I have utilized these skills to attract and retain customers. I can carryout and manage multiple tasks at a time with my ability to prioritize, organize, and accomplish goals.

My experience and education has equipped me with a broad range of skills including:

The ability to help customers understand their needs

The ability to help customers understand what they want

The ability to utilize effective tactics when dealing with customers

The ability to identify sales opportunities

I have enclosed my CV for the purpose of your review and consideration. I believe that I can play a critical role in representing your company in the industry. I also possess the ability to build successful relationships with customers.

I am interested in expanding the horizon of my professional expertise and experience. I also want to seek new challenges inherent in the field of customer service.

Yours Sincerely,

Joseph Sorice


Joseph Sorice

Home Address: 9279 North Florence Rd., Pittsburgh PA 15237

Telephone Number: 412-758-0743


Career Objectives

To become a highly skilled customer service manager and expand experience in the field

To enhance my level of expertise in managing customer contracts and negotiation

To develop extensive knowledge of customer service trainings

To develop exemplary customer service skills


Received awards throughout my education life as a business student

Received the award of Student of the Year in 1999 for academic excellence

Possess extensive professional experience

Possess extensive entrepreneurial experience

Fluency in English and Spanish

Technical fluency in Ms Office, Programming and Web Design

Qualification Highlights

Team player with strong skills in the areas of communication, relationship management

Multitasking skills

Expertise and experience in multiple fields including customer service, marketing, human resource, and accounting

Skills in the different organizational functions including management, scheduling and discipline of employees

Ability to represent the company and its clients in different meetings and events

Ability to consult with vendors and team members to ensure the success of events

Ability to design and implement effective and successful customer service plans

Ability to design and implement marketing plans

Ability to design and implement sales plan

Active listening skills to ensure the satisfaction of clients

Key Strengths

Following are my key strengths:

Dynamic communication and interpersonal skills required for customer service, sales, and marketing positions

Exceptional skills in building and maintaining healthy and long-term relationships with customers

Excellent organizational skills

Expertise and experience in developing specific and real goals and plans

Ability ...
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