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Nicholas Robyn

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July 13th, 2013

Amira Matthews

Recruitment CoordinatorABC 123 Retail Company123 Park Avenue WestHobart, NJ 5555Re: Office Manager Position 

Dear Ms Matthews

I got very excited to discover the vacancy of Office Manager Position at ABC 123 Retail Company, on the website last week. I believe that all the applicants will be excited for this post, but I believe that I am the right match for the vacancy. This vacancy quickly aroused my interest. So, please give me the opportunity to go through my expertise, education, and responsibilities.

This position made me interested in applying because both my education and work experience which are suitable with the requirements of Office Manager Position. I am qualified, experienced. I possess result-driven abilities that will make an excellent match for the post of an Office Manager. I also have five year experience in the same position and related to same responsibilities.

I strongly believe that my resume highlighting my major professional accomplishments and abilities will interest you and will show you my passion for strong contribution to an enlarged vision. I earned my Bachelor's degree from University of XYZ. In school and professional life, my leadership experiences show my interest for the contribution above and beyond the initial requirement. I have earned my MBA degree as well. I have five years of experience in office and people management. I am confident of my abilities and capabilities to become a successful office manager.

I am someone who knows how to live and strive in the high-pressure environment where attention to detail and accuracy are pivotal. I strongly believe that not only I would meet your expectations but also exceed them. I possess high degrees of effective communication, professionalism, confidentiality, loyalty and maturity. I am proud that I have the ability to deal with pressure, multi-tasking and can also portray flexible and positive attitude at the same time. To top it all, I have vast knowledge of the administrative systems, procedures and policies. I am someone you can count and trust easily, where I am confident of my ability as a team leader, and the capabilities of running the office in a smooth and efficient manner.

In my professional life, I have made contributions with hard work to grow and learn continuously. Although, I am aware of the strengths I have, I am also aware that the learning must be continued to make myself a better professional and leader. I am doubtless that the capacity on board will be an exceptional opportunity for me to continue development on personal and professional level. I believe that within me you will find the required experience and knowledge to add in your company. I am well aware of the Sales Force, Microsoft Office products, CRM and various Adobe products. I am also aware of making presentations, guiding employees and other related activities. Currently, my post is of the Office Manager at XYZ Implants where I have 30 employees within ...
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