Retirement Income Portfolio Project

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Retirement Income Portfolio Project

Retirement Income Portfolio Project


The topic is concerned with the issues related to Retirement Income Portfolio Project. There are serious matters related to the Retirement that needs proper planning in advance. The employees often plan their retirement needs and they prepare a certain plan for the future. There are pension's plans for many employees in which they received fixed amount of pension after retirement. In some cases, there are certain schemes in which the employees contribute a portion of their salary and it grows with a passage of time because of the interest earned on it. Therefore, all the issues related to Retirement Income Portfolio Project will be discussed in detail. The five questions will be addressed one by one in the topic.

Where does my retirement income come from?

Income portfolios are presented using the same format as growth portfolios, and extensive analysis is needed to determine if income has been generated from adequate insurance or customized plan based on each investor. A Working Capital approach for an income portfolio remains focused on revenue because it creates an opportunity to earn higher returns. As far the stock market is concerned, this has become the greatest investment opportunity for the last 20 years. The investors have an opportunity to earn high returns because of the bright prospects in the Stock Market. The retirement income has various sources and it depends on the individual investor to choose a particular source. The financing options are different for each source and the profits earned on all the sources are different from each other. Therefore, there are numerous sources for the retirement income (Cude & Jablin, 1992).

What are my goals for retirement?

The goals for the retirement are numerous for any person. It depends on an individual but there are certain factors that are common among all the retired people. The basic goal of all the retired people is that they need to keep money for the rest of their life expenses as there would be no income source in the form of employment anywhere. The second goal is to have money for healthcare needs as the risk of any health problem increases after the age of 60. Though, it is common to have insurance plans for meeting the healthcare needs. This is a mandatory requirement for most of the people. The third goal is to spend money on the kid's wedding that certainly requires a big amount. The wedding expenses have increased over the passage of time and it is a major expense for most of the households (Greenwald, 2004).

The fourth goal is the expenses needed for the renovation of the house. The renovation of the house is also a big investment and there are certain expenses which are met during this particular step. The renovation of the house is often delayed in order to increase the required money for the future needs. In some cases, the retirement income is also contributed to buy a new ...
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