Rfid Technology

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RFID Technology


Thesis Statement4


Accessible RFID functions in Transportation4





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RFID Technology


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the new techniques of wireless by using the electromagnetic fields of radio frequency for transferring data. This technology is use mostly in transportation for tracking the car. This tracking system had enunciated by the system technology department for identifying the vehicle location by using the tracking system. It is an enormous adaptability in conditions of its capability to facilitate elucidations with in functions in the transportation divisions. The technology was time invented in England, during War to discriminate opponent airplanes from associated airplanes. After this, the technology had adapted by many countries because of its successful results (Want, 2006).

Thesis Statement

Uses of RFID technology in the transportation industry


In the initial when the shipment had moved from one country to another country, it was perilous for the company to count all the accessories or products that was in the shipment. It took the time to measure and analyzes all the products. For saving the time, the technology enunciated a unique invention which can save time. RFID technology is a small chip, which can record all the information of the shipment. Let suppose, if we tag a chip in any shipment, the technology stored all the information related to the products. The technology secures time but a high effect on cost (Nath, et.al, 2006).

Accessible RFID functions in Transportation

The technology especially made for the logistics purpose, but it has a high application on transportation services. Its various functions define various methods in transportation which are as follows; Operation Identification




This technology has executed in transportation for enhancing the functional efficacy and ease of toll gatherings. The main function of this method is to augment the capacity and lessen the congestion in the toll way of area. Every tag is prepared with a different tag number in arrange to thwart repetition. The automobile penetrate the analysis region and it receives signals from the antennas and knows the exact position of the vehicle, in some cases it works for stopping the vehicle if it crosses from the barrier. A barcode reader has used in airline transportation for tracing the passengers luggage. The problem with this technology is that, it needs laser 18 systems which have high cost, but in some cases, it not functions properly (Landt, 2005).


In transportation RFID has used for the identification of vehicles by using the electronically tag number plate that inspect by the computer. The electronically number plate has chip which reads the vehicles destination and traced the location also.


In seaports, large quantity of containers had exist or enter daily, which needs verification and the safety of the goods that has transferred to other region by shipment. The porters used RFID technology for the safety of their commodities. This technology has practiced in the shipment, and a single chip contains all the information related to ...
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