Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatoriom Hotel)

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Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatoriom Hotel)

Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatoriom Hotel)


The research aims at investigating the Restoration from Rijkspostspaarbank to Conservatorium Hotel as there is a difference in the monuments and constructions of the building. Moreover the interior and exterior design of the hotel is award winning at present. The culture and archetecture of the hotel is popular and famous among the citizens and the visitors. This hotel is the centre of attention as this is one of the most luxurious and five star hotel of Amsterdam. The art work of the hotel is most appreciable among the designers and architectures. However the recent modifications accumulated in the hotel is of glass windows and the conference room that is admired and appreciated by art work architecture and designers.


Historical Background of the Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatorium Hotel)3

Brief description of the Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatorium Hotel)4

Summary of the Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatorium Hotel)4

Analysis of Restoration of the Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatorium Hotel)5

Picture Comprehension of the Rijkspostspaarbank (censervatoriomhotel)6

Before Restoration6

After Restoration7



The great Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatoriom Hotel) is the popular hotel among the customers. As this is most popular due to its exterior and interior designs that is accumulated by the architects and engineers in the history of Amsterdam. The fascinating internal environment of the hotel attracts the customers to visit and spend time in this place. In this research it is important to highlight the Restoration from Rijkspostspaarbank to Conservatorium Hotel in terms of interior and exterior designing, culture and architecture. This is one of the most luxurious hotels exiting in the Amsterdam. It is one of the five star hotels as the design and structure of the hotel as the design and art work of the hotel is popular world over as there is a glass building and floors accommodate the conferences. There is a counter and meeting rooms with a lounge as this the most luxurious hotel that is popular among the citizens of Amsterdam. The purpose of the research is to investigate as to why the Rijkspostspaarbank was restored to Conservatorium Hotel.

Historical Background of the Rijkspostspaarbank (Censervatorium Hotel)

The historical background of the building depicts that the architect DEC Knuttel had to build the building in the year 1899 - 1901.The design of the building was appreciated as it includes first floors and two more floors as it includes the carpet walls and it depicts the pure historical architecture styles. The building consists of the images consists of the Art Nouveau style, vaulted arches and monumental staircases with stone pillars that was build in the initial phase of the construction. The historical background depicts that the building was purchased in the year 1897 as transformed in one of the icons of the city. It is located from the northwards, on Van Baerlestraat, right next to the future Stedelijk Museum, is the former Rijkspostspaarbank. It was designed in the year 1901 and it is redeveloped by the Meyer & Van Schooten. This was empty since the last five years and the reconstruction of the building was accumulated and it is named as Censervatorium Hotel in recent ...