Rise Of Christianity In Europe

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Rise of Christianity in Europe

Rise of Christianity in Europe


Christianity is considered to be one of the largest religions in the world and a primarily being a source of inspiration for Islam which is said to be the second largest religion. It started off with a minute amount of followers and believers in the times of Jesus Christ but during the four centuries, it became one of the most powerful and strong religions with numerous amount of followers. It was legalized in the Roman Empire in the 313 AD by the Emperor Constantine and after becoming the universal religion it eventually replaced the religion in Europe and became the religion of the entire Roman Empire. It is quite certain to say that in earlier days Christianity was not very influential on the Europeans and was not fully established. The history of Europe in regards to its religion was very complicated as people were not very decisive. Till the time Christianity was not wide spread, different religious traditions and cultures were followed in different countries. Some countries made these traditions in isolation and some of them made these by adopting the traditions of different people.


Before Common Era (BCE), mainly in the first millennium, the Jutes, Angles and Saxons the Christian tribes invaded the Celtic people, who at that time were at the peak of their expansion. However, soon Britain was invaded by the Romans driving the Celts away from the north to the western fringe. This led to the spread of Pre-Christian religions all over Europe, until Christianity began to expand. Despite the constant invasions between different tribes and the Middle East, a strong position was held by the Jewish community in Greece. When the Roman Empire took charge of Judea in the 63 BCE, it became easier for the Jewish ...
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