Role Of Advertisement In Businesses

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Role of Advertisement in Businesses


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Role of Advertisement in Businesses


During the day, it has been observed that there is a significant increase in the advertising and promotional activities of the businesses and they give considerable importance to the campaigns that aim to promote or showcase the business. A business cannot progress until and unless it makes promotional communication an integral part of its marketing strategy. In addition to this, the marketing campaigns are also considered as an equally significant part of the cultural experience that is related to a variety of customers across the world.

The current essay aims to highlight the importance of advertisement through a number of different campaigns and also through other potential methods of promotion. For gaining a frm insight into the marketing communication and advertisement activities of businesses, in this paper, a wine company from the region of Argentina has been chosen. The company is Bodegas Esmeralda, which is rightfully considered as the largest company that deals with alcoholic products and wine. The company was founded by Don Fernandez and over the years, it has become an icon in the entire winemaking industries of not only Argentina but also across the globe. The reason to this is the deployment of fine equipment, dedicated teamwork, systematic operations and most importantly effective marketing and advertising strategy.

How does Bodegas Esmeralda Develop its Advertising Plan?

Over the years, being a key player in the market, Bodegas Esmeralda has learned a lot from its personal experiences, which has significantly turned out to be beneficial for the company. It has also been observed that the company has employed a number of different promotional tactics that are efficiently available for the managers of the company for the purpose of manipulating he demand. Additionally, the company also focuses on the integral and prominent marketing mix, which includes price, promotion, product and physical segregation. This has effectively made the organization to focus on the ways through which it can carry out its promotional activities. One of the key decisions that the company takes while focusing on its promotional plan is that the prime emphasis of the company is not on the innovation and creativity of the products, the response of the customers or higher sales and profits rather the company has the needs of the customers as its top most priority. Bodegas Esmeralda also devises its strategic communication and promotional planning with an extensive research on the consumer behavior and market trends. It has also been observed that the company has given considerable importance to the integration phenomenon in the promotional communication. In this process, the company uses a number of different communication channels that are related to the same promotional ...