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Role of Intelligence in a Counter Terrorism after 9 September

Role of Intelligence in a Counter Terrorism after 9 September


This study examines the role of Intelligence in a counter terrorism after 9 September. First and foremost, it acknowledges the primary patterns of terrorism as what were the progressions in the mode of movement by the different associations and how the intelligence administrations managed these challenges. At that point it assesses the dangers lying ahead sometime later years and the innovative and socio-sparing advancements impacting them, incorporating the danger of terrorist utilization of weapons of mass pulverization. At last, it investigates the suggestions of the September 11 attack from the intelligence and operational perspective.

Literature Review

Role of intelligence has been important after 9 September as it provides intelligence consulting and international security which gives consulting services to high net worth individuals, governments and corporations. The intelligence group members or teams help in leading the attempts to bring up to date and overhaul most of the agencies which are accountable for the people's security in various part of the world and put into practice the key reforms in the area of interagency coordination and deployment of technology, information sharing and intelligence. In addition to this, intelligence groups or teams' solutions help people meet their distinctive challenges pertaining to security which are dependent on gleaned experience from numerous service years in leadership positions at the military, secret service, private industry, homeland security department and the intelligence community for countering terrorism (Rodriguez, 2011, 237-250).

Intelligence groups provide the team with senior leadership experience in national security infrastructure. For people who are looking for help with intelligence and security issues, team of intelligence has distinctive background which presents historical and current information and facts of policy relating to development of national security and execution combined with an indulgent of the intricate relations between analytical instruments, the operational intelligence of community and senior policy makers of national security. The people of intelligence provide real world experience and also the expertise of the operations intelligence of community that help in the fight against terrorism (Rosand, 2003, 333).

After the attacks of 9 September, intelligence groups or teams' has started working in the development of systems to change data volumes into useable information and facts for senior decision makers. The background and experience of intelligence teams or groups provides the prospect and chance to better assess procedures and processes of national security and relations between media organizations and senior politicians for countering terrorism (Wilson, 2001, 85-118).

UK condemns all forms of terrorism, regardless of the country of origin and its ideological, political, ethnic or religious background. The Government of the UK and all competent bodies of the security system of the UK considers combating terrorism as one of its main priorities. Foreign policy in the fight against terrorism carried United Kingdom primarily through multilateral activities of international organizations and the resulting recommendations and commitments. Proactive approach and participation in projects of international organizations United Kingdom seeks not only an essential contribution ...
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