Role Of Physical Environment In Obesity

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Role of physical environment in obesity



In the introduction there is a brief sketch about the prevailing issue of obesity and the role of physical environment in obesity

Obesity as a problem

Affects, prevalence and harms of obesity are discussed. Importance and diversification of the issue

Role of physical environment

How physical environment play its part in making the people obese

Elements of physical environment causing obesity

Poor walk ability, High accessibility to fast food, Connectivity of residential areas and Use of high glycemic diets

Preventive measures

Increase in walking and Awareness programs


Obesity has become a major issue for the whole world, even in the developed countries the obesity is becoming the major concern for the concern health authorities. There are many reasons which cause obesity but one of the most important reasons is the physical environment. There is a very strong affiliation of obesity with the physical environment. The negative adaptability of physical environment makes the people obese. The physical environment involves a lot of characteristics which can be very much influencing on the health which makes a person obese. In this paper there is detailed information regarding obesity as a problem, role of physical environment in making the people obese, the elements of physical environment and some preventive measure.

Obesity as a problem

Despite having a lot of technological advancement in medical sciences the world is facing the acute problem of obesity. Even this problem has become the eye souring for the developed countries like the United States. The rate of obese people are growing day by day in these countries which is the making the conditions worse and the health authorities such has World Health Organization has initiated a lot of programs for reducing the rate of obesity in the countries where there is a huge problem. According to BMI, Obesity is increase in weight or fat in the body which causes lethargy and distress in the body (Barry, Pp. 55-60).

Increase in weight and size of the body is known as due to overweight is known as obesity. There are number of reasons which causes obesity among those important reasons environment is the most important factor which causes obesity. Obesity is a problem which invites many other problems in the body. There are many serious diseases which affects human health are due to increase in obesity in the body. These diseases become more rigid and untreatable due to increase in obesity. In the United States the problem of obesity has become the main concern for the concern health authorities because there has been immense increase in rate of obesity which is making the health condition worse. The concern health authorities are taken keen step for reducing the increasing rate of obesity but their initiatives are seem to be less effective.

Obesity in adolescents has become a nationwide health risks among adolescents in the U.S. One of the most prominent health foundations proves that two-thirds of adolescents in the U.S. are obese, not including the adolescents that are border line too chunky (Scott. Pp. 22-43). In 2005, obesity had ...
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