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Minerals are substances found in nature, formed by a balanced chemical composition resulting in millions of years of inorganic processes (action of heat, pressure, etc.). All minerals are solid, such as feldspar, mica, quartz. The water, despite mineral source, an ore is not as well as mercury (which is liquid at room temperature). The rocks are formed by two or more grouped minerals. There are three classifications for rocks, according to its formation: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

The empirical formula of eveslogite is






















Pinkish-brown fibrous with silky lustre agregate of Eveslogite. Specimen is part of holotype - material from it was used for thermal investigation of the mineral. Associated mineral is black titanian Biotite (var. Lepidomelane). Eveslogite is very similar to yuksporite (which is very abundant in Yukspor-Eveslogchorr zone of rischorritization). These two minerals are undistinguishable by eye. But eveslogite is much more poor in Ba content and has different thermal properties than yuksporite. Specimen size is 6x3x1.5 cm. Collected by Yurii P. Men'shikov before 1998. Pavel M. Kartashov collection and photo.


Ernienickelite is a hexagonal structured mineral founded in different parts of the worlds. The crystal of this mineral is nearly circular with the diameter of 0.5mm. Physically it is brittle in appearance (Wang, 2013). The hardness level of this mineral is 2. It is Splintery and made-up of thin plates. It is available in Red-brown and black shades. The chemical formula of Ernienickelite is NiMn4+3O7•3H2O and belongs to chalcophanite group. The structure of this rock was found in Western Australia and determined by powder diffraction of X-Ray.

Chalcophanite is comprised of alternating sheets of its elemental constituents in the order Mn-O-Zn-H2O-Zn-O-Mn, and the sheets are stacked normal to the c-axis (Post & Appleman, 1988). Mn4+ cations form distorted octahedra coordinated with six oxygens and the ...
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