Russian Art And Politics In The 18th Century

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Russian Art and Politics in the 18th century

Russian Art and Politics in the 18th century


Russia has its own mark in the world. Like any other great nation in the world that has its own story, Russia, too have a rich, cultural and an interesting story to tell. History is filled with so many events that took place in this vast out stretch of land that covers one-eighth of the inhabited land. Many great events that led to yet other events are also credited to Russia's history. Russia is a land of 160 ethnic groups, each with its own cultural values and norms. No history telling is complete without mentioning the Russian feats. Russia throughout the history has been involved in wars and has actively participated in the world affairs, and is still an active member country. Russia has played a role of immense importance in shaping up today's political and cultural world. This indicates that Russia has a history as old as the seas itself. For many decades, Soviet influenced the world, economic and politics. Russia, being one of the most populated countries in the world, stands tall and proud as a world power. The period of enlightenment in the Russian history was a golden period.

Russian political reforms in the period of enlightenment brought great deal of positive changes as there were doors wide open for intellects, scholars, poets and artists. Russian history is rich with Art and literature. Eighteenth century is known as the era of the Russian enlightenment. During that period the Russian government became more active in encouraging development of arts and sciences, which played a great impact on the Russian culture. The first Russian university was founded during that time. A library, a theatre and a public museum along with an independent press was also ...