Sap Systems

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SAP Systems

SAP Systems

SAP Systems

Task 1

There were many aspects through which Consarc was able to benefit from the implementations of SAP. Through SAP, Consarc was more able to have global integration and coordination with business users and customers. The updates that are done on SAP are only once a while that are implemented throughout the company which saves great amount of time for Consarc that is consistently interacting with users. Consarc originally had a lack of real time information which enhanced the possibility of errors and increased fixing errors. The implementation of SAP was able to provide real time information that further decreased potential possibilities of any error. SAP also creates a more efficient environment to work for the employees of Consarc. Furthermore, SAP is implemented based over the requirements of an organization and in case of Consarc that organization was having different kinds of issues and concerns that needed to be fixed in urgency to avoid any business loss. SAP was implemented based over these needs and to overcome the issues that were being faced by the company.

SAP businessobjects edge BI is a service that is designed focusing small companies. This offers a more flexible environment and analysis tool for Consarc. Along with the enhanced interface SAP businessobjects Edge BI is also able to provide searching tools and integration functionalities that are greatly beneficial for Consarc.

A benefit that was observed by business users of Consarc was the enhanced availability of Consarc. Originally Consarc faced problems that required long duration of fixing and server issues which affected the availability of Consarc. Employees also benefited as the software was available for use whenever needed that further enhanced the efficiency of the employees. Through the software any user concerns and queries are fixed and solved as soon as possible which was considered as a tough job in the past. A shortcut service was also provided for the users so that they can report the common functions with more effectiveness.

Furthermore the implementation of SAP also increased the operational efficiency of Consarc. The company was able to create documents and orders which were stored over a central server and the data could be used analysis and utilized according to the needs of the customers.

Task 2

Mainly two approaches were taken by Consarc for the implementation of SAP systems. These are

•Parallel approach

•Direct approach

Parallel Approach

The parallel approach is the type of approach in which the user implements a new system along with the old system and both of the systems are used parallel manner. This approach is applied in order to check and evaluate the new system that is being implemented and at the same time use the old system so that if there is any issue it can be observed and the work load is managed by the other system before finalization of any one system.

Direct Approach

The direct approach is the type of approach in which a user stops using the old system and the new system is being used within a period of ...
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