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Scenario Report- The Use of the Cloud to Store Multimedia Information


Personal Computer5

The Role of the Personal Computer in the Interaction with the Cloud and the Creation of the Multimedia Information which Chris Wants to Store5

\ (Sensherma, 2011).6

SaaS Assets6

The Role of the Processor7

The Primary and Secondary Memory8

The Input Output Devices9

Network Server10

Operating Systems16

Role in Interacting With the Data and Its Presentation16

Role of the Operating System on the Network Server16

Multiuser File Sharing17

Accessing a Far Away Computer17

Role of the Operating System on the Personal Computer17


Scenario Report- The Use of the Cloud to Store Multimedia Information


A major change is represented by cloud computing in information storage and running applications. With this technology, data and applications are no more hosted on individual desktop computer; still everything is hosted in cloud which is actually an assemblage of servers and computers that are accessed via internet. By using this web-based computing system, a user is free from the complexity of desktop computing and explores new and innovative forms of group interaction. Cloud computing is beneficial for users as it stores bulk of information.

Cloud computing refers to the custom of contracting out some portion of the technology of a company to a common mediator setup. The term cloud computing is novel however the notion is not new. Comparable contributions in history have been familiarized with the term “Application server provider”. The cloud in the term cloud computing generally denotes the internet and the entirety of the term comes to pass form this correspondence (Rycroft, 2005, 106-114). Cloud computing may be described as the active and dynamic stipulation of the potentials of information technology such as services form the mediators allied to the network, hardware and software. Clouds are actually the services supported by hardware that offer storage capacity, computation, and network where the administration of hardware is exceedingly meditative from the user; buyers acquire costs of communications and infrastructures being variables driving the expenses; and the capability of infrastructure is tremendously resilient.

The technology of cloud computing executes applications as services over the internet on the architecture of computers which is adjustable to fulfil the needs of the users. These applications get the most out of the innovations of technology like the web-oriented operating systems. Several applications of cloud computing are available. Examples of such sorts of applications, based on the concept of cloud computing, obtainable from a merchant count, a few of the ones accessible from Google (Helper, et al. 2007, 127-146). These applications provided by Google count in Google Earth for map-based applications, Google search engines, Google Applications productivity tools, and Google Enterprise for websites and e-mail. Map Reduce is one particular exemplary application that is a model of Google Programming employing huge clusters of servers to operate colossal sets of data.

Despite, such applications of cloud computing impart several capabilities to the users, yet cloud computing entails a few swaps. For instance, consistent distributed systems like the cloud computing of Amazon necessitate a swap between their availability and ...
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