Self-Portrait Journal By Titian

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Self-Portrait Journal by Titian

Self-Portrait Journal by Titian


Painters paint self-portrait to provide themselves an opportunity of celebrating their own personality or rather than intimate reflection. All my life I painted portraits of different characters with different themes. I illustrated religions, created portraits of knights, nobles, and kings. This self-portrait depicts my efforts, my long-life profession and the grace I have achieved through my work with the passage of so many years.


Though I did not paint any portrait when I was young but who represented especially during the last years of my life, when taking self-portraits a reflection color of old age, even more touching and moving for the audience today. It is my opportunity to showcase my talent, interplay and intensity of colors, material and the contrast which is offering as lesson in painting (Tienne, 2011).

I painted two self-portraits during last few years, one of them is called Berlin while this one is said to be the Madrid. At the time of making this portrait I was about 70 years old and I have depicted my age in my painting. In this portrait I have painted my profile in black dress and holding a paint brush in one hand. Around my neck is the gold chain. The painting shows me in three-quarter view in a very alert pose. I look gaunt and remote who is starring into the middle distance while lost in distant thought. The color, facial expressions, and the dress with chain show the dignity and authority I have in my work. The chain around my neck shows reminds myself that I held the rank of Knight of the Golden Spur. On the other hand, it illustrates the impression of self-assurance and inner strength.

Content early in fixed forms, and more free, the handling of the brush plays a ...