Self-Worth In Preadolescent With Adhd

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Self-Worth in Preadolescent with ADHD

Self-Worth in Preadolescent with ADHD


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can be classified into three categories. It is also commonly known as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). It is a very common mental state amongst children and adults of all ages throughout the world. The most general symptoms include short attention span, hyperactivity, easily distractible behavior and disorganization.


The purpose of the study is to discuss the importance, need and logic of introducing and establishing a nurse-care facility in schools and high schools for students who have ADHA. The primary aim is to bring betterment in different scholastic aspects of these children such as their academic performances, nature and characteristics of the act of socialization, athletic and extra co-curricular activities and most importantly to provide them the confidence and self assurance to live their lives. All these factors contribute towards a normal and healthy life style of any young adult.


Findings from the Research Article

Need for Treatments

ADHS is now slowly becoming one of the most common and widespread disease or disorders among children. According to a survey the victims of this in the year 1990 were approximately 900,000. This figure, by the year 1998, increased by an amount of 5 million. Although these figures are a clear indication of the severe need of treatments to cater with this order, it also highlights the warning that the condition of the already affected will further deteriorate as they grow old. Hence it is also necessary to start the medical procedures of the patients at this young age.

Current Scenario

There are currently many school based nursing or medical care systems operating in schools to help the preadolescence age group. The nurses n these institutes intervene students' school life in only a limited number of ways. For example, majority of the ...