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Human Resource Management (HRM) is the vast filed of study and an important element of any industry. Human resources management as the name describes it self that management of human (peoples) allocate their resources and make them asset for the company. Human resource management is like the internal function of an organization which deals with all the issues and problems related to the individuals of the company, their hiring procedures, and their salary and compensation issues.

Human resource managers have a duty to produce effective workforce and to make them effective they have to develop such programs related to the employee's development and their trainings according to their job description. It is a duty of human resource department to enhance individual abilities to make effective changes for the betterment of the organization. (Susan M. Heath field, 2013)

Discussion The whole discussions among the mangers James, Tom, Ursel, Scott and Maria. The specific issue that James facing as he will become new manager is the salary disorders among the sales representatives and other employees. This is because of the failure of human resources department it exists in the firm Short Smith Manufacturing. If there is no human resource department in the firm so first James have to develop the department and assign the job for them to settle down the issue in his supervision. The issue is related to the salary, as I said. It is resolve by proper planning and by making strategies for future as well.

Broad Banding

Broad banding in human resource is now considered to be the valuable and essential part of human resource management. It deals with issues related to salary and compensation of whole company. According to the human resource management broad banding is a pay structure that combines a large number of pay grades and salary ranges into small broad bands with relative salary range naturally 100 percent difference between minimum and maximum. (White paper, 2004)

Benefits of Broad Banding

Broad banding as a pay structures helps some organizations to minimize or some reduce the level formation with in the company. Broad banding is the best way to collapse salary ranges and sustaining de layering. This help to minimize the hierarchy of any organization. Broad banding facilitate the internal movement of employers very easily according to ...