Sickle Cell Anemia- Icon Of Evolution

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Sickle Cell Anemia- Icon Of Evolution


Evolution is an atheistic premise that tries to give explanation regarding the existence and emergence of life on this planet without God. Scientists claim that the ecosystem created by means of solely natural processes following an incredible cosmic explosion known as the big-bang. They are convinced that living microbes merely appeared about following a line of random reactions within a unpretentious combination of molecules. Moreover, the theory of evolution explains that every creature in the world are associated with the same common ancestor. This standpoint is an extraordinary distinction to the Biblical approach of creation, which explains that the almighty created the world and a variety of vegetation and creatures in the world in duration of time equivalent to six of our days. Evolution is the basic underpinning notion of earth science (Barnes, 2007). It has fashioned and persists to fashion the diverse range of existence around us, from elephants to bugs.

Examples of evolution are all around us, one such example includes sickle cell anemia. This document will investigate this disease in order to prove the evolution theory. The content of the documents is designed to explore the links between evolution and sickle cell anemia.


Evolution is considered as the unifying paradigm, organizing the indispensable principles of biology. Paradigms are usually approved for their overall informative power, their own "best fit" with all the accessible info inside their areas. A paradigm operates as a realm in which contains the entire field together, linking disparate subfields and associates them with each other. The paradigm can be crucial as it fosters a study method developing some concerns giving researchers completely new recommendations so that they can better recognize the actual phenomena becoming analyzed (Haviland, Walrath and Prins, 2010). The paradigm will not endure or drop on a single piece of the research; however, it truly is validated by its success regarding its explanatory power and its cultivation of the research questions. One such paradigm is Evolution. And one of its most important icons is sickle cell disease.

Sickle cell anemia also referred as sickle cell disease is hereditary genetic disease which is characterized by the existence of abnormal RBCs ( red blood cells) which are crescent shaped. The normal shape of RBCS is biconcave. Red blood Cells are responsible for the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body with the help of hemoglobin ( a protein). When this protein, known as, hemoglobin mutates into the hemoglobin S, sickle cell anemia takes place. Hence the main reason behind sickle cell anemia is mutation. The presence of this mutated hemoglobin causes the RBCs to become sickle shaped and rigid hence making it more difficult for the blood cells to flow through the blood vessels and deliver the oxygen. As a result these sickle shaped cells sticks to the walls of blood vessels and results in the blocking of blood vessels that hinders the blood flow. This can lead to organ damage, infections and ...