Social Diversity In Contemporary Canada assignment 2

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Social Diversity in Contemporary Canada

Assignment 2

Social Diversity in Contemporary Canada


Canada is a country that is effectively working on how to manage cultural and social diversity in its society. This is mainly due to the dominance of multiculturalism approaches followed in the society. Multiculturalism and diversity are the two strong factors that are continuously challenging the people living in the society. Currently, the Canadian society is facing complications in managing their traditional way of life. The society of Canada has failed at times in controlling the growing racism against the ethno-racial minorities. Effective critical or radical multiculturalism is mandatory for managing such issues for becoming a paradigm for other nations. Three articles have been selected to highlight the social evils that were faced by the minorities in Canadian society. The selected articles have helped in highlighting the benefits of social diversity on the Canadian society.


Article 1: Introduction: Social regulation of diversity and equality

According to Hyman, (2012), the society of Canada is facing higher level of issues related to social and cultural conflicts; the indigenous communities that exist in Canada are the victims of social issues, which include poor health conditions, poverty, higher level of suicide and incarceration rates. Due to the development of political mobilization in Canada, some groups were able to gain political autonomy that helped them in raising these social issues that were mostly faced by the indigenous population. They were the ones who took step a raised their voice through the support of media and by arranging movements that would help them in accomplishing their motives (Hyman, 2012).

Canada is often described as the "North American society" that emphasizes on diversified cultural and social characteristics, which are common in United States of America and Canada. Canada is a developed country that is offering quality standard of living to all the people living in it. Most of the towns and cities of Canada that are located on the side of United States of America speak in English in the similar way like the people living in USA speak. People of Canada watch American movies and American Television freely without any issue, as the media and communication is not stopping people living in the society to have any biased opinion towards any of the culture existing in the entire world. Various parts of English-speaking Canada were established by American colonists, who never wished to revolt against the British colonial regime (Hyman, 2012). The law and order situation in Canada is also effectively promoting multiculturalism in the society and it stops people from having biased or partial attitude and behavior towards the people who belong to any other culture. Canada is facing great challenges in terms of establishing cultural diversity in the society, as it is having large portion of Non-Canadian population.

Article 2: Cognitive adaptation to the experience of social and cultural diversity

According to the authors Crisp & Turner (2011), Canada is more aggressively handling the social and cultural diversity, as compared to any other country of the ...