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Social Media

Is the social media helping or harming communication?


Through social media, information rapidly flows from one source to another. Large number of people share information and coordinate social or political event (Thomas, 2004). According to the research, there are about 57% of people who have more communication on online basis than in real life. People communicate with their friends all over the world encouraging them to be online on regular basis (Thomas, 2004). Social media has influenced the lives such that the students focus less time on studies or physical interaction and more time on facebook. The social media put huge emphasis online communication more than real interactions (Thomas, 2004).


Mainly, the aim of development of social media was to improve and enhance communication. Instead, it is found that the social networks are harming the public communication skills of college students (Puglisi, 2010). Students have built a habit of using Facebook or other social media during their studies. The motive of social media sites was to enhance the students to maintain bonds with their family and peers even who live far-apart. Huge dependency on the social media creates a communication gap between professors and students (Puglisi, 2010). The networking tools have placed a negative effect on the relationship with students and teachers. Real relationships have been eliminated gradually because of the e-mail exchanges of students. Social media and networking sites have made the phone conversations and face-to-face communication foreign for the users. For the students, the opportunities for communication are convenient and countless (Puglisi, 2010). There is a huge increase in informal and improper communication errors after the massive usage of social media. This has threatened the productivity and intelligence of the generation. There is a huge difference between the way students communicate in the social networking sites and how they must communicate with their professors, campus peers and employers. This is rarely realized by the students (Puglisi, 2010).

Through social networking sites, the communication is easy, quick and there is nothing which is personal information. The information rotated in social networking sites are easily spread to millions of other people who take it is as intriguing and interesting (Eidelman, 2012). In many cases, social media sites are considered to be very valuable for communication who cannot directly deal. The social networking sites are a great mean for continuous communication eliminating stressful events and misunderstandings. Often the schedules are not disrupted and it is good for reminders (Eidelman, 2012). Simple addressing an issue can pave way for many unintended criticisms. The words are often misinterpreted. Online communication makes people hesitant and reluctant at the time of face-to-face communication. The information placed in social networking sites is often communicated and shared with unintended and unknown individuals (Eidelman, 2012).

Social media are distinct from traditional mass media such as newspapers, radio, television and film.

Social Media rely exclusively on digital-based communication channels and applications. In addition, they have relatively low barriers to entry, such as low cost, simple production processes and easy accessibility of ...
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