Software Piracy Effects

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Effects of Software Piracy

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Executive Summary2





Internet and software piracy6

End User Piracy7

Reseller Piracy7

Trademark violation7

Other types of piracy7

Piracy harm to the computer industry and society8

Commandments of Computer Ethics10




Executive Summary

This paper is aimed at analysing the effects of software piracy on the society in general and the computer industry in particular, and will also shed light on the ethical considerations involved with software piracy. Software piracy happens to be a huge challenge not only for the computer industry but also for society at large. It leads to a drain of billions of dollars worth in money throughout the world each year, and it has long been a significant problem for governments and for private organisations in many countries. The methodology adopted for this particular research was purely secondary research, based on an extensive review of literature that exists on the topic. The research yielded some interesting results; it has been established through this paper that it is imperative to make the people realise the perils associated with piracy of software, including a clear knowledge of the legal ramifications involved and the punishment which could be handed out to those who indulge in piracy of software. Moreover, it has also been established on the basis of the literature which was reviewed that public awareness needs to be generated, and the people should be prevented from indulging in the theft of software by making them realise that they will be given the harshest possible punishment if they indulge in piracy of software. In addition, the paper recommends the use of tactics by anti piracy movements which are aimed at pointing out the social ramifications of piracy of software; such as the fact that a friend or a family member of an individual might be punished for indulging in software theft and software piracy.

Effects of Software Piracy


Piracy has extensively been a significant concern for not only the computer industry but also for the entire society at large. The relative simplicity of imitating and appropriating programming, as with any advanced exceptional, joined together with the elevated esteem that a large number of programming items order makes programming a prime focus for theft and unlicensed utilise. Today, a gauged each third duplicate of Microsoft's extensively utilised Windows working framework is unlicensed and unauthorised.

The number and extent of software that is pirated goes up to around 90 percent in some countries. The cost of piracy of software is over $ 30 billion all over the world each year, while in the United States, it costs around $ 7 billion, which are incredibly high and staggering numbers (Rooney, 2005). Besides, in the contemporary worldwide innovation earth portrayed by wide Virtual world connectivity and visit threats on system security, the effect of programming theft on outlets is not essentially restrained to lost incomes from unrealized deals. Rather, phenomenal brand new issues and challenges for example security reliance right around interconnected frameworks and the identified impetus situations in a system go out and posture unique muddling carried ...
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