Sources Exegetical Paper: Rom. 8:1-8

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Sources Exegetical Paper: Rom. 8:1-8



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Exegetical Paper: Rom. 8:1-8


This study provides a number of researches and scholarly views about the Exegetical study of The Epistle to the Roman. Rom. Or Romans is the abbreviated or the short form of The Epistle to the Roman. It is the sixth book of the New Testament. This book explains the theme of salvation and it is one of the most important and fundamental part of the text from the theological point of view. Apart from this, it also provides detailed understanding of the different concepts about the Christian system. It is historically written during Paul's journey to Rome. As studies and researches reveal that most of the people were aware of the Old Testament therefore, Paul in the New Testament discussed the Gospels of Jesus Christ. Use of words like, righteousness, justified, Condemnation, flesh, spirit, enmity, carnally mindedness and concept of sin and sinful flesh are also identified with detailed information. “Flesh” is not merely defines the bodily simple meaning of body parts, but it defines and identifies the whole human nature. The “spirit” is associated with the Holy Spirit and it provides the concept of salvation associated as defined according to the New Testament. Some of the selected sources for this study are provided as follows


Source 1: Johnson, A.Romans- Everyman's Bible Commentary. Everyman's Bible Commentaries Series. Moody Publishers, (2000) p. nd

According to Johnson, chapter 8 of the Bible is one of the greatest chapters and therefore, he provided detailed analysis of different aspects associated with it. He also explained Paul's doctrines in defining this chapter. He also highlighted that it is not by law that the there are freedom and legislation in Christianity, but according to Johnson, it is the grace of that has provided freedom and revolution to the humanity. He only focused on writing the commentary of the Bible and his easy and illustrative style makes it very convenient to understand and analyze the Romans completely. He provided complete study of this chapter of Rom. so that even a common person can easily understand it. Johnson provides detailed analysis of the chapter verses from 8:1-39. According to this study, verses 1-11 deals with the “justification” and explanation of the Paul's arguments. It is therefore, associated with the objections, and other matters associated with the sinful life and persons. In the beginning Paul first identifies and provides detailed account of the sins and righteousness. Before supplying direct arguments he analyzed the general concepts associated with God and various other aspects in order to deal with concept of God's ...