Standing Couple (Hazomanga)

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Standing Couple (Hazomanga)


The artistic traditions of Madagascar are found to be interesting as they offer people an entry towards the complex and specific, trans-cultural, historical, trans-geographical in fluencies and instances in the art of Africa. The traditions of the funerary sculptures are significantly found in the traditions and cultures of the traditions of Madagascar.IN addition to this, the diversity of various groupos is also found in this region including Sakalava, Mahafaly, Bara, Vezo, Tsimihety and Betsileo. The material culture of the above mentioned groups is encountered through the cultural and historical aspects of that were found through the exploration of the history of the people of Madagascar. It is further observed that the languages and the cultural activities of the people of Madagascar are greatly influenced by the migrations of the Malaya-Polynesian. The core focus of this paper is to discuss a very famous art of sculpture through the following discussion (Bradt, pp. 60). The sculpture piece that has been selected for analysis and discussion in this paper is the Standing Couple (hazomanga) found in the region of Madagascar.


The piece of sculpture that has been selected for analysis and discussion in this piece of work is known as the Standing Couple situated at the hazomango in the island of Madagascar. It has been observed that that the influence of this piece of sculpture has been taken from the culture of the people of Saklava. In addition to this, this piece of sculpture is made out of wood and pigment and is focused to empower the culture and tradition of the people of Saklava. It has been further observed that the height of this sculpture is about 39 inches and is further classified as an important wood sculpture of the region of Madagascar.

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