Statement Of Objective

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Statement of Objective

Statement of Objective

Statement of Objective

It has been observed that the course of the medical world is phenomenally changed with the invention of Penicillin, considered as one of the effective life saving drugs. The advances in this field have maneuvered me in learning the formation of various drugs and their effect over the human body and its correct usage over the people. As various new inventions in the field of medicine are being developed for a variety of emerging diseases, the role of the pharmacist is a bit difficult and has vanguard in providing medicines in a safe and effective manner. The study of Pharmacy appeals me as it involves the study of health as well as chemical sciences; along with this it also facilitates me to help those patients that are very heart warming.

It has been my passion to help others in out of harm's way with using various innovative pharmaceutical medicines. I have become inspired with my own ambition of seeing myself as a pharmacist with the aspiration of helping people's life. In today's life, pharmacy practice is the most significant practice in delivering health services, where pharmacists are the health professionals who possess a thorough knowledge of drugs and their working.

I was always told by my peers and friends that I am a very optimistic, positive, pleasant, diverse, active and intelligent. One of my best distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I had throughout my life. I am a person of success, a person who never gives up and take NO for the answer, a leader who strives for a new experience every day.

As an optimist and emerging pharmacist, I found great wisdom in the words of Dalai Lama, who once said, “For seeing others happy one has to practice compassion, and for seeing your-self happy, practice compassion”. My continuous dedication and devotion to the dream of becoming a pharmacist is providing evidence in my intense work in a pharmacy. As a pharmacist, my highest aim is a practice of compassion in such a way that will build a strong relationship with people around me. I believe in providing cure to the people in a candied form.

Graduate study brings one to a cutting edge of field and provides a solid foundation to build future careers. It is an opportunity to realize ones career objectives or personal desires. I have absolutely no qualms in proceeding along the path that I have been contemplating, the past few years. In my view, the world is a challenging place if anyone wants to get into a good position they have to motivate themselves and drive it through success and not letting any bumps in the road or temporary failure stop from achieving their rights. I am interested in doing MPharma Program as I have great interest in the modules which are based on this study. This would help me in extending my knowledge in the field of Medicine. Through this, I would learn the deeper knowledge and understanding of formulating ...
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