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Assignment on Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis is used to interpret quantitative data in order to discover its underlying relationships and causes. Assignments on statistical analysis are often prepared by individuals. They keep on searching material for their assignments which consumes a lot of their time. Keeping this in mind, Researchomatic is providing various statistical analysis assignments. Individuals will surely find these assignments useful and can prepare their statistical analysis assignments easily.

Data Analysis
DATA ANALYSIS Data Analysis Data Analysis Introduction The purpose of this paper is to conduct data analysis using the most appropriate statistical tests and techniques to assess the quantitative data which has been collected using the specifically designed questionnaire named as the ISPAS (Irish Social and Political Attitudes Survey). However, ...
Hypothesis Testing
Discussion Question Week Four Discussion Question Week Four Answer 1 Steps of Hypothesis Testing The five steps of hypothesis testing are as follows: Step 1: Formulate the null and alternative hypothesis. Step 2: Specify the accurate level of significance which is a. Step 3: Calculate the appropriate test statistics. Step 4: Define the region of rejection on ...
HIV/AIDS, Attitudes, Related Behaviors and Sources of Information Among Koreans
ASSIGNMENT 1 SLP 2 Assignment 1 SLP 2 Assignment 1 SLP 2 Introduction The given study has clearly described the HIV/AIDS, attitudes, related behaviors and sources of information among Korean adolescents and evaluated their sexual problems. For this study, the researchers have targeted high school aged students in South Korea. The researchers have used ...
Relationship Between Amount Charges Against the Income Levels and Household Size
Consumer Research Inc. Consumer Research Inc. The results from the following graph shows that out of sample of 50 respondents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi majority of the respondents had their family size of 2 people i.e. majority of them were couples. Further, a fair percentage of respondents had a ...
Usage of Alcohol and Smoking
Statistics Analysis Abstract The study reveals the usage of alcohol and smoking in the targeted respondents that have selected by using sampling technique. The study has critically examined by targeting the variables and respondents. The side effects of alcohol and smoking has identified by filled questionnaires. The researchers have incorporated important questions ...
Bottling Company Case Study
Assignment 1: Bottling Company Case Study Assignment 1: Bottling Company Case Study Mean, Median and Standard Deviation Statistics Ounces N Valid 30 Missing 0 Mean 14.8700 Median 14.8000 Std. Deviation .55033 The given table is showing that the mean ounces in the bottles are 14.87 with the median value of 14.8. Moreover, it is also found that there is deviation of 0.55 ounces in bottles. This ...
Factors that Effect Car Sales
ASSIGNMENT 4 Assignment 4 Assignment 4 Question 7 - 12 Interpretation of Results After running the multiple linear regression it was found that the car sales are diversely affected by the dummy variables taken in the regression. The R - square is 0.430 showing that the dummy variables showed only 43% variation ...
Cancer among Males & Females Globally
CANCER Cancer among Males & Females Globally Introduction3 Research Question3 Data Collection3 Data Analysis4 Cancer Among Male4 Cancer Among Females6 Cancer Among Both Genders8 Limitations of the study9 National Incidence Information9 Local Frequency Information And National Mortality Information10 Conclusion10 References11 Appendix12 Cancer in Males & Females Globally Introduction The core objective o this research is to study the trend of cancer around the world. The study ...
The Average Tenure of Employees Working at Call Centres
Assignment No. 3 Assignment No. 3 Question No. 5 - 1 : 1 Solution Step 1 : The Formulation of Hypothesis Null Hypothesis : The average tenure of employees working at the call centre is no more than two years (Ho : µ = 2 ) Alternate Hypothesis: The average tenure of employees working ...
Correlation between GPA and High School Percentile
Written Assignment 6 Written Assignment 6 PART A Correlation between GPA and High School Percentile   HSP GPA HSP 1 GPA 0.486030499 1 Part B Correlation between Cumulative GPA and ACT English   GPA ENGLISH GPA 1 ENGLISH 0.37559202 1 Correlation between Cumulative GPA and ACT Math   GPA MATH GPA 1 MATH 0.309685159 1 Correlation between Cumulative GPA and ACT Composite   GPA COMP GPA 1 COMP 0.444398111 1 Part C From the above correlation analysis we observed that [r = 0.486] for HSP showing 48.6% ...
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