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Dissertation on Statistics

Statistics is defined as a mathematical science, which requires understanding of data and interpreting the findings to suit large populations. For those who are working on statistics thesis, the need for quality research work and content is essential. This section of Researchomatic provides you with some of the most useful dissertations on statistics which will introduce students to multiple concepts and ideas regarding the subject.

Sudan Household Health Survey Cluster Analysis by
Sudan Household Health Survey Cluster Analysis by Acknowledgement I would take this opportunity to thank my research supervisor, family and friends for their support and guidance without which this research would not have been possible. DECLARATION I, [type your full first names and surname here], declare that the contents of this dissertation/thesis represent my own ...
Missing Data Treatment Method On Cluster Analysis by
[Missing data treatment method on cluster analysis] by Literature Review1 Criticism on Data Collection of Household Health Surveys1 Relative weight of responsiveness1 Domain weights1 Broader Health System and the Responsiveness1 Sources of information2 Translation, validity and reliability2 Universality of domains2 Non-users3 Suggestions for Analysing Survey Data3 Missing Data Treatment4 “Ad-hoc” Methods5 Multiple Imputation6 Conditional Gaussian7 Chained Equations7 Methods for Monotone Data sets8 Issues with Imputation9 Methods of Weighting9 Bayesian Approaches9 Cluster ...
Factors Impacting On Foreign Business Expansion: The Case Of The Turkish Brand Beko In The Uk
Factors Impacting on Foreign Business Expansion: The Case of the Turkish Brand Beko in the UK By CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION3 1.Background to Topic3 i.Rationale of the Research4 2.Research Aims and Objectives6 i.Research Questions6 3.Literature Review to Date6 4.Gaps Fulfilled by this Research8 5.Research Design9 6.Methodology for Primary Data Collection and Analysis9 i.Qualitative Method10 ii.Quantitative Method11 7.Schedule of Tasks and Dates for Implementation13 REFERENCES14 CHAPTER 1: ...
Csr Activities
CSR ACTIVITIES [TO WHAT EXTENT DOES CSR ACTIVITIES ENGENDER EMPLOYEES LOYALTY WITHIN NIGERIA BUSINESSES: EVIDENCE FROM BANKING SECTOR] by CHAPTER 4: ANALYSIS OF DATA This chapter presents summary statistics of the data collected from questionnaires along with the graphical representations and summary tables listed in Appendix. In the sample of 100 respondents 25 each ...
Accounting And The Developing World - The Implementation Of International Accounting Standards In The United States
Accounting and the Developing World - The Implementation of International Accounting Standards in the United States By Accounting and the Developing World - The Implementation of International Accounting Standards in the United States Introduction The main aim of conducting this research is to find out the response of all the US companies that are ...
ODA ODA Effectiveness in Economic Development of Sub Saharan Africa: A Case of Zambia By: University:ABSTRACT Since 1970s, developing nations of the world has been planning their development, both social and economic, depending on the foreign assistance received from donors and creditors. Among different forms of foreign aid, Official Development Assistance (ODA) is one ...
project Binomial by
[ Project Binomial] by Binomial Project Test Test called a Bernoulli random experiment with exactly two exits, one called success probability p and the other called failure probability 1 - p, since the sum of the probabilities of these two outcomes is equal to 1. The probability distribution of the random variable X, which ...
Service Leadership by
[Service Leadership] by Service Leadership Chapter 4 results The questions about the service leadership analaysis in organization A show that most of the respondents i.e. 74% believe that their management and leadership are servant leaders. The leadership do not take unethical advantage of their position and work along with the people to optimize their ...
Executive Remuneration And Its Relationship To Firm Performance: Mining Sector Evidence From Largest Ftse Registered Companies by
Executive Remuneration and Its Relationship to Firm Performance: Mining Sector Evidence from Largest FTSE Registered Companies By Acknowledgement I would like to thank my research supervisor, family and friends for supporting me and guiding me through out the research process and helping in successfully accomplishing the research objectives. Declaration I, hereby declare that the matter ...
Change Resistance And Its Effects On Outcomes by
[Change resistance and its effects on outcomes] by Summary (Statistical Results) The purpose of this chapter was to analyze the hypothesis of the study which includes the factors i.e. employee resistance to change impacts the outcomes significantly and also the analysis of any relationship exist between communication and resistance to change. The results ...
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