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Research Papers on Statistics

Statistics is often termed as a science which requires learning from a set of collected data. Research papers on statistics involve great focus on analysis, proportional inference and interpretation. This section of Researchomatic is therefore focused on bringing to its customers some of the most carefully selected and compiled research papers on statistics that will help students to better understand the subject.

Projects Projects a) x2-2x-13=0 We can solve this question by using quadratic formula. Where a = 1 b = -2 c = -13 By putting values of a, b and c in the quadratic formula we obtain two values of x. Taking 2 common from the above equation, we will get value of x (Chavanis, 2013). Now ...
Content Analysis For Aging Journals In Rehabilitation Counseling
Content Analysis for Aging Journals in Rehabilitation Counseling Content Analysis for Aging Journals in Rehabilitation Counseling Discussion Old age has been thought, almost always as a degenerative process, opposed to any progress, as this stage of life ceased to exist the potential for human development. The traditional stereotype of old age ...
Inteview Process
Inteview Process Inteview Process Introduction An interview and counselling process will help the employer to learn about the communication skills and the ability to present their experience and achievements. It is the process in which an interviewer and an interviewee communicate together to show interests of the interviewee for the applied organization. Five Major ...
Operation Research And Meta Heuristics
Operation research and Meta heuristics Operation research and Meta heuristics Introduction From the early years of the 80s, the investigation of combinatorial optimization problems is focused on the design of general strategies that serve to guide the heuristics. It has been called Meta heuristics. It is intelligently combine different techniques to explore ...
Correlation Analysis
Correlation Analysis Abstract This study has comprised of analyzing the English and Spanish language proficiency on reading, writing and communication purpose for the immigrants. The quantitative approach has used for analyzing the data, and it's collected through questionnaire process. The research hypotheses also generated for the purpose of analyzing the effects. ...
Statistical Analysis
Statistical Analysis Introduction3 Description of the statistic to examine in the article3 Brief description of the study portrayed in the article3 Description of statistic used in the Study4 Statistics Appropriateness5 Assumptions of the test6 Identification of the Levels of Measurement of Variables in the Study6 Description of the appropriateness of the level of measurement7 Discussion of Data Display7 Appropriateness ...
Review Of Key Quantitative Methods Issues
Review of Key Quantitative Methods Issues Review of Key Quantitative Methods Issues Q1. What is quantitative (versus a qualitative) research? Quantitative Research Method Qualitative Research Method Purpose/Objective To enumerate data and simplify collected results from a sample size to the overall population of attention To add a considerate of fundamental ...
Mixed Methodology
Mixed Methodology Mixed Methodology Introduction Recent scientific researches and analysis suggests that stress has become the most relevant topic to study in the psychological science and practice. On the one hand, great number of studies by different authors accumulate different types of stress such as the stress of life, professional stress, ...
Social Media And Values Of Young People
Social Media and Values of Young People Social Media and Values of Young People Introduction The study relates to social media which focuses on certain aspect that is how it is affecting the values of young people. This is an important phenomenon to study as it is observed that the majority of young ...
Age And Job Satisfaction
AGE AND JOB SATISFACTION The Effect of Age on Job Satisfaction The Effect of Age on Job Satisfaction Research Methodology Introduction The purpose of this study will be to elaborate on the nature of the relationship between the variables of job satisfaction and job performance of an employee. For this purpose, the fundamental ...
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