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Essay on Theory

Statistics theory relates to a whole range of methods, ideas, concepts and techniques that are involved in the collection of data. Essays based on statistics theory require application of these concepts and therefore authentic research content. In this section of Researchomatic you will come across a range of carefully selected and compiled essays which are focused on statistics theory and concepts.

Relationship Between Attributes Of Type “a” Personality And Heart Disease research Has Been Conducted Since 1960 To Ascertain The Relationship Between Type A Personality And Heart Disease. Later On T
Relationship between Attributes of Type “A” Personality and Heart Disease Relationship between Attributes of Type “A” Personality and Heart Disease Research has been conducted since 1960 to ascertain the relationship between Type A personality and heart disease. Later on the cause of heart disease was linked to hostility attribute present in ...
Health Care
HEALTH CARE Health Care Part 1 Discuss quantitative data you would collect to evaluate the effectiveness of your health promotion initiative The quality of health care depends upon the way health care payments are made, and the resources devoted for the purpose. The qualitative data that I have collected regarding the health care costs, ...
Demonstration Of Cause-And-Effect Relationships By True Experimental, Quasi-Experimental, And Single-Case Designs
Demonstration of Cause-And-Effect Relationships by True Experimental, Quasi-Experimental, and Single-Case Designs Demonstration of Cause-And-Effect Relationships by True Experimental, Quasi-Experimental, and Single-Case Designs Observing the effect on a dependent variable i.e. the outcome by manipulating one or more independent variables (cause) is involved in all experiments. The degree to which the ...
Prevention Of Youth Violence And Delinquent Behavior
Prevention of Youth Violence and Delinquent Behavior Prevention of Youth Violence and Delinquent Behavior Introduction to the concepts to be measured This research study is conducted to examine the ways to prevent the youth violence and delinquent behavior. Youth violence is one of major and serious concern of public. It is a fact ...
Ethical Issues
ETHICAL ISSUES Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research While conducting interviews, the researcher must make sure that the ethical considerations of the conducting interviews are taken into account. In addition to obtaining a signed consent form prior to conducting the interview; the researcher would take steps to make sure ...
Qualitative & Quantitative Research
QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH Qualitative & Quantitative Research Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research Introduction The goal of any science is to acquire knowledge and appropriate method that allows us to know the reality which is therefore essential. Inductive and deductive methods have different objectives and may be summarized as theory development ...
ARTICLE Bayesian Probability Analysis Bayesian Probability Analysis Introduction The paper is related to the article that is “A Bayesian analysis of subjective probability of interpersonal relationships”. The article focuses on the opinions of the likelihood of numerous interpersonal relationships in groups. The study was based on the Bayesian likelihood ratio; Bayesian probability is one ...
Data Collection And Analysis
Data Collection and Analysis Data Collection and Analysis Introduction Data collection is an important part of the research and the methods are described in the research methodology section. There are two main types of data collection methods that are commonly used for research studies and data collection as well as analyses namely quantitative ...
Research Methods
RESEARCH METHODS Research methods: Social Desirability Bias Research methods: Social Desirability Bias Introduction The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant facts and figures relating to the phenomenon of “social desirability bias. In this paper, we will advise some researchers employed by the university ...
Hypothesis Testing
HYPOTHESIS TESTING Hypothesis Testing Assumptions Hypothesis Testing Assumptions/Interactions Sample Random A sample selected from a finite population is called a random sample if it is chosen in such a way that every possible sample of the same size has an equal probability of selection. When obtaining a sample of n items from a ...
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