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Research Papers on Theory

Research papers based on statistics theory and concepts rely on authentic research content. This section of Researchomatic consists of a plethora of research papers on statistics theory, each of which is based on some of the most popular topics. The collection will help students to gain distinct ideas on this mathematical science and to better understand the concepts of the subject.

Research In Theology
RESEARCH IN THEOLOGY Comparison and Assessment of Use and Value of Qualitative and Quantitative Research for Empirical Studies in Theology [Name of the Institute]Introduction For the purpose of this research paper, we undertake to assess and evaluate the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods as research tools for empirical studies in theology, ...
Statistical Decisions Model
STATISTICAL DECISIONS MODEL Statistical Decisions Model Statistical Decisions Model Decision Tree How much time the groups of 10 hours and 12 hours take to complete 50 yard swim?     H0: There is no significant difference in the groups of 10 hours and 12 hours for the time (in seconds) taken to complete the 50 yard ...
Sampling In Life Sciences
Sampling in Life Sciences [Name of the Institute]Introduction Studies in every discipline need evidences collected from testing individuals for some properties. In this regard population and samples are important being the tools for studies. In this paper population and sample are described with their characteristics, relationship and techniques. Population In different disciplines the term ...
Bivariate Analysis And Multivariate Analysis
Bivariate Analysis and Multivariate Analysis Bivariate Analysis and Multivariate Analysis Introduction Statistical methods analyze how the outcome on the response variable depends on or is explained by the value of the explanatory variable. In statistics, multivariate analyzes were the characteristic of interest in the joint distribution of several variables. The bivariate analyzes, such ...
Multiple Regression Analysis & Its Implication In Research
Multiple Regression Analysis & Its Implication in Research Abstract This paper seeks to explore the concept of multiple regression analysis and its implication in research. The research also analyzes many aspects of multiple linear regression and its major purposes. The research describes types of research question that can be answered through MLR, ...
Doctoral Research Preparation
Doctoral Research Preparation Doctoral Research Preparation Introduction Given that a research project involves increasing the volume of knowledge in a specific area, be it for a doctoral or master's thesis, it is necessary that the proposal is able by itself to clear all the aspects that have to do with relevance and ...
Culture And Leadership Practices
CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP PRACTICES Culture and Leadership Practices Gregory B. Brownfield, DM/IST RES/722A January 23, 2012 Dr. Linda de Charon Culture and Leadership Practices Leadership as a term coins different concepts in only one word. It not only defines the personality trait of an individual; however it also defines the necessity and role of different ...
System Management
System Management System Management 7. Is team management related to project life cycle? Explain why or why not? The Team Management The project management team and its management must be able to use knowledge and methodology in project management successfully and effectively. The theory of project management is different "strategic project management", which uses ...
Statistics In Army
STATISTICS IN ARMY The use of Statistics in the Army The use of Statistics in the Army Introduction The importance of statistics in army is a work of research historical documentary that tells how statistics has helped and has been used for several processes relevant historical humanity. It discusses the more salient of ...
Posttraumatic Syndrome
POSTTRAUMATIC SYNDROME Police and Posttraumatic Syndrome Police and Posttraumatic Syndrome In just over the past decade it has become common knowledge that law enforcement personnel, along with other emergency services workers, are a population highly prone to suffering with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As a direct result of their work, there is ...
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