Strategies For Technology-Intensive Organizations

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Strategies for Technology-intensive Organizations


Every emerging technology changes at a faster pace and customers find alternative technologies or high-tech products with new or improved features in comparison of the older one. This can be seen as a push for innovation on most of the technology-intensive companies as it has now become imperative for them to adopt innovation and invest enough on their high-tech infrastructure. Similarly, it is also vital for technology-intensive companies to invest in their current high-tech infrastructure to keep the business operations smooth and running. This paper aims to discuss two important strategies of investing in innovation and IT-infrastructure that are required for the success of any technology-intensive organizations.

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Importance of Innovation5

Strategy for Innovation6

Importance of Investing in IT7

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Strategies for Technology-intensive Organizations


Success of any organization depends not only on the sales of their core products but it actually lies in the environment and activities behind the increased sales (Belanger & Slyke, 2011). In other words, organizations need to focus on inside-organization environment and activities that play a major role in enhancing productivity. There are many technology firms in the world that conducts business with different strategies and make strong efforts to gain success. Some companies invest enough to improve their operational capabilities, while some emphasize on enriching their culture and invest on training their people (Belanger & Slyke, 2011). It has also been seen that most of the companies invest in their marketing campaigns as they believe that sales is the only thing that can lead to success.

No doubt, this approach can be accepted to some extent but a high-tech company should also consider some other factors to achieve success. In fact, innovation and continuous investment in IT are need to today's business and gain ultimate success. This suggests that in order to succeed in today's rapidly changing marketplace, it is imperative for the businesses to develop strategies to invest in innovation and their IT infrastructure to grow further (Belanger & Slyke, 2011). In fact, the businesses that do not focus on innovation find difficulties to battle with their competitors in the industry they conduct business. This paper focuses on the discussion about two important strategies of investing in innovation and IT-infrastructure that are required for the success of any technology-intensive organizations.


It can be seen that businesses in the present age function in a systematic manner and grow with the aid of advanced technology where technology always needs to be innovated. Most of the businesses are structured into various departments that manage their functions and activities in a systematic flow. The management in most of the organizations has undergone profound changes by absorbing the various technologies and IS applications such as Just-in-Time, Geographical Information System, Total Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (Manzoor, 2012).

There is no doubt about the fact that emergence of new technologies has opened new doors of opportunities and doing business in a radically different way (Manzoor, ...
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