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Structural Geology & Geophysics

Structural Geology & Geophysics


The special geological sheet is designed for describing the geological area of a country or a district of interest. The special geological sheet of Bristol is made up of the scale 1: 500, 000. The standard scale is decided by the Geological Survey of Britain with the help of the engineers. The report will provide structural geology and the geographic of the Bristol City in relation to the special geological sheet. The special sheet will highlight different areas of the Bristol city, its geographical distribution and use the strait graphical to highlight different structures of the City.


According to Bolton (1989, pp.69) the geological survey map of the Bristol district cover different areas of the Bristol city and highlights different features of the city; the map cover area from the border which includes the Severn Estuary faulted lines that are spread from the north east to the south west of the city. The inland characteristics highlighted on the special sheet shows an inland east west fold of the Bristol Coalfield and the Broadfield to the down south of the Bristol City. The sheet also includes the Carboniferous limestone of the succession of the Avon George that contains structural and lithological details of the Bristol City.


Bristol City has an old structure and remains of the Terrasic and the Jurassic beds which lies under the folds of the Palaeozoic strata. The city has remains of dinosaurs that provides different layers of remains and has enabled the city to have resources of coal with the help of these remains. The structural bed of the city has different layers of remains of the animals, and then it has layers of coal field belts underneath the earth surface of the city.

The geographic area around Bristol City and the Bath is consisting of different varieties of historical remains. The historical layers have a collection of different rocks that belong to the middle period of dinosaur reign. Bristol city's geological area is wealthy of caves and gravels of minerals and the fossils of the animals. The large amount of rocks and fossil fuel has enabled the city to have wealth of coal fields that are spread on the east west locations of the city. The geographical wealth of the city is getting diminish due to the increase in the construction of buildings, filing up of the mines that were mined many years ago, increase in deforestation and neglection from the government of the state.

In order to protect these geological sites, museums and other institutions, AVON is a non-profit organization that works with an aim of protecting natural habitat in the city. The company plans with the local authorities to protect the geographical sites and take measures to preserve these resources. Avon is working on many cities including Bristol with the same aim all over the cities of England. Bristol City is a city that is rich in natural resources and it is one of the ...
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