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Structure & Design the 2 Airports at Istanbul

Structure & Design the 2 Airports at Istanbul

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Istanbul

Assessing the Physical Design

It has been observed during the last century that travelling through air has become very popular over the globe. The airports have turned into the hubs of utilitarian.

The experts and architects leading in this field maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and calm environment of the airport can create a major change while creating competition. Lowering the stress of travelling internationally and offering enjoyable location to hold for aircraft arriving can be frequently influence factors where airlines and consumers select while using entrance.

The airport portrays themselves are habitat to the way airport design demands and constraints have altered - division can be created often be drawn among the capabilities of an old airport in compared to the newer, within hard-won experience connecting the two airports.

Operations of the Airport

Environmental concerns

For the residents located in the surroundings of the airport the noise of the aircraft creates a lots of disturbance because of the fact many individuals sleep is affected. These noises are not generally because of landings and take-off but even a ground operation that includes testing and maintaining the aircraft. This can also lead to health affects caused by noise. Different environmental and noise issues are vehicle traffic creating pollution and noise towards roads directing to airport.

The further development of runaways and newer airport is frequently resisted by the local population due to the effects on flora and fauna, historical sites and countryside. Because of the danger of collision among airplanes and birds, where bigger airport give concern towards controlled programs where shooting birds and frightening them away from the location.

This is also resulting in altering the patterns of weather. For ex since they have to flatten large areas, it can result in creating fog while the area was not capable of holding fog. Further, they regularly replace grass and trees with pavement, and often amen the patterns of the drainage system in agricultural locations that leads to increased erosions, run-off, flooding in the near by places.

A number of airports with increased concerns develop environmental reports yearly to show their concerns regarding the environmental and management issues of operations taking place in the airport. This report holds all the information regarding the measures taken by the administration of the airport in terms of protecting natural life, resource conservation, noise pollution, soil, air and water near the airport.

Base Isolation for the Earthquake Safety

Described by the civil engineer Tony Gibbs, who is based in Barbados who is specialized in structures that the base isolation is a technique for protecting facilities varying from traditional way proposed in usual earthquake resisting codes and standards. A number of codes and standards for resisting earthquakes are designed for human safety firstly, keeping the structural damage in mind (even if the harm is repairable or not). These kinds of buildings may be required demolishing after the harmful earthquake has hit (Leone & Liu, 2005: ...
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