Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse


Socio-Cultural Determinants2


Link to Crimes, Suicides, Homicides and Relationships3

Defense Mechanism3



Substance Abuse


This research paper aims to examine in detail the consequences of substance abuse in the form of costs and involvement in negative activities. In the second part of this paper, the defense mechanisms used by the substance abuse to justify the substance use are also discussed.

Socio-Cultural Determinants

Culture and society play a major role in individuals involved in substance abusing, When an individual is unable to find social support, he takes help of drugs in order to avoid the feelings of depression, anxiety and anger. Thus, substance abuse becomes a source of avoiding challenges and problems faced while growing. Substance abuse is particularly common in people who are abused sexually or emotionally in their childhood or if they have untreated mental disorders. Thus, society and culture are the leading causes for developing a feeling of helplessness, lack of direction and social support in substance abusers (Wolfe, 2004). It is also found that peer pressure or desire to maintain a social status can also lead to substance abuse. Also if any family member is involved in drugs usage, then children follow the same from early ages.


The costs associated with drugs and substance abuses are high and act as the major burden on the economy. The costs arise in terms of crime, health, productivity loss and economic downturn which is estimated to be half a trillion dollars annually in the United States. It also causes negative consequences on individuals as well as a society as 14% of the patients are admitted in the hospitals due to drug abuse. Thus, the physical costs of this addiction are almost 20% of all the hospital costs, and out of every $4, $1 is spent on the care of addiction patient (National Drug Intelligence Center, 2011).

Link to Crimes, Suicides, Homicides and Relationships

The effects of substance abuse on the individuals are many. It can lead to the injuries due to accidents, physical disabilities, motivation of suicide and homicidal act. The drug related violence is one of the major causes of above mentioned factors. Systematic violence leads to relations with drug dealing parties. Economic compulsive violence occurs when the individual wants to secure money in order to purchase drugs and psychopharmacological violence is caused due to aggression and excitability associated from the usage of drugs (Horgan 2001). Such violent individuals get involved in criminal activities ...
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