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Supporting Blindness and Visual Impairment



Module 121

Severe Visual Impairments And Their Signs in Children1

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Mobility Difficulties And Mobility Equipment5

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Supporting Blindness and Visual Impairment


This essay is going to deal with an effort of supporting blindness and visual impairment for the Max who is a pupil in class 5 and is suffering through a severe visual impairment. Max is going through loss of visual acuity and loss of peripheral vision. Max is being educated in a mainstream primary school. He cannot read information written on the whiteboard, and is not even able to read text with fonts lesser than 18pt. Max is also experiencing some difficulties at the time of moving around and playing ball games. This paper is going to do an in depth view of the situation and later on solution will be given with respect to the case of Max.

Loss of peripheral vision is a name used for a vision disorder which is able to affect human eye. Eyesight occurs right outside the very center of the vision and it is known as a peripheral vision. Person who is going through this is when look at any object, the center vision focus for the most part on the object. On the other hand, the person is able to see other things which are basically not in the range of the scope but are actually outside the scope of the very centeral vision, and this is not actually goingb to be moving the eyes or even the head. This is al;so the particular field of the so called vision which can also be known as peripheral vision or even the inside vision.

Module 12

Severe Visual Impairments And Their Signs in Children

There are several visual impairments are recorded during different researches made by different doctors and optician. The impacts and the signs of different visual impairment will be different for individual children. Doctors find some solutions and their treatments for impairments. Ther are some of the signs that can help us indicate when a child may have vision problems. It's important to remember that (after researches) a child without any vision problems or visual impairment can also show some of these signs. This is important for doctors and physicians to be more causious while handling these type of visual imapirmetns. If a professional working with child in a school has any concerns about a child's vision they should follow their school policy. Signs that shows the vision problem in children.

Vision Problems: vision problems are some acute problems that reflects the tilting or turning the head to see something issues, Difficulties copying information from the board, redness of the eyes and eyes frequently watering, crossed eyes, wandering eyes, or droopy eyelids and many more but these are some real deficiency with the imaparement disorder individual.

Large and/or unclear handwriting: Holding reading material very close or very far away, A tendency to miss out letters and words when writing, and a ...
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