Sustainable Practices In Facility Management

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Sustainable Practices in Facility Management



Need for Businesses to Reduce their Carbon Foot Print7

Options for Sustainable Renewable Energy Technologies8

Recommendations for the Renewable Sources10

Organizational Strategy for Sustainable Development11

Vision of the organization for the Sustainability12

Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Facilities Management13

Action Plan of Waste Management for the Organization14



Sustainable Practices in Facility Management


The paper intends to highlight the sustainable practices in the facility management in order to respond to the escalating need to diminish the worldwide carbon emissions efficiently and effectively. This is because, almost every industry somehow contributes in developing the carbon emissions which is steadily causing to impact the entire world with its negative impacts. Hence, this situation requires the true commitment from every industry in terms of new strategies, improved actions that can bring environmental sustainability, training of workforce to adhere with the new business strategies, and the financial contribution to overcome this hazardous situation. Therefore, the paper has also attempted to provide the recommendations in this regard while critically analyzing the total carbon footprints of businesses and how it develops through each of its activities, products, services, and assets. The paper also aims to explore the need for the businesses to manage as well as reduce their carbon footprint to ensure the sustainable environment through the sustainable practices. Moreover, the paper has also provided the effective strategy for the organization for sustainable development. For this purpose, the study has indicated the vision of the organization and the action plan which the organization can use for the effective waste management.

The facility management is the practice which ensures the functionality of the built environment through integrating people, process, and technology. The practice of facility management is accountable for maintenance of organizational operations to comply with the environmental and safety regulations (University of Arkansas, 2006). Hence, the goals of the facility management towards the sustainable practices are based on dealing with the energy and environmental challenges which include the strategies to reduce the energy and water consumption, contribution in climate change, use of renewable sources of energy, plan for proper waste disposal, reduction of carbon emission, and promotion of other beneficial and sustainable practices to secure the global environment. In short, sustainable practices in the facility management help the organizations to better understand the impacts of their business activities on the social and environmental characteristics. It also assists them to learn new ways to improve their operational performances towards the healthy and safe environment (Epstein and Roy, 2001).


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