Suzan Bushnaq

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Suzan Bushnaq

Suzan Bushnaq


Suzan Bushnaq is an artist who tends to extract her roots form the land of Kuwait. She in her short span of life has served not only Kuwait but people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. She is known to have great sympathy for the women as her works tends to depict a lot of support and the subject portraying women in different connotations. However, the art she posses is actually inherited as she is the daughter of the famous and much celebrated artist Mohammed Bushnaq. However, the basics the art were taught to her by none other than her father. The primary tools and the passion were injected by her father. However, she got the chance to further nurture that talent after she took the admission in theatrical Institute in Russia .As this institute played a very vital role in her life.

This college in every aspect contributed to her success. As she first did bachelors and then MBA in the field of art. It was this institute which allowed to explore the true strengths of her. Studying in Russia gave her the inopportunity to study a culture which was alien to her. She got the opportunity to study women in the Russian culture and based on that she developed a perspective for those women who tend to be poor. However, the fact should be kept in mind that poor here tends to be translated into the fact of portraying those women who were not able to raise their voices for their rights.

Since being a women and possessing a different values altogether gave her the opportunity to see how a women can contribute in the success of the society. However, her area of expertise tends to remain painting which she not only inherited but also nurtured through her passion and interest. Although, Suzan Bushnaq also tends to hold a diploma in Russian Language along with that she also holds multiple degrees from New Horizons. Her stay at the Russia expanded to almost seven years but her development in the course raised and touched new heights. She has not restricted the skill set that she posses to herself alone but she have practically taken the steps to widen the horizon of the art or the skill set that she posses. After completing her MBA and other multiple degrees she decided to go back and raise the voice for the women of her own native land. Since she went to Russia after developing a sound knowledge of her own culture and values.

This helped her to objectively view the Russian culture and other cultures around her. As she not only interacted with the people from different cultures but also worked hard to interpret those values and cultures as per her own culture and values. Later she went back to Kuwait to spread the knowledge that she posses.

She is known for her services in the field of art for the Kuwaiti people. She however, did not restrict herself to ...