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Linda Chavez

The Case For Birthright Citizenship

Reasonable people may differ in their views. So is the case with the birthright citizenship issue. People have different views on what level of legal immigration is right and to what extent strictness should be enforced upon immigration laws. Some think there should not be any immigration, and some people have a view that there should be open borders.

Linda Chavez in her study discussed those factors that lead to immigration making sense according to an economic phenomenon. She also highlights the alarming events that might occur in case. Linda has used this article to emphasis on issues and tried to cover the circumstances. She has delivered a thought that American economy needs a high level of immigrants to work for its further prosperity, leading concerns but further more she believes that one must figure out how to improve immigration policies.

She writes that there is a need of proper grouping for the sake of fair and realistic immigration. She argues adding to her words and states that those hard working ambitious people who want to come to America and work for the economy development must be welcomed. She gives stress to the dire need of a system that might help in making these immigrants good Americans.

She argues that birthright citizenship attracts illegal immigrants “aliens” and makes it harder to deport the parents. The problem in her sight is that citizen children works like attractive magnets that help entice people to enter the country illegally. The term “anchor baby” used by Linda in her article is describing the citizen children of illegal immigrants, and it suggests that these births makes it nearly impossible to deport the aliens, it makes a more easy way for them to move into the country. Linda Chavez says that ...