Synthesis Essay

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Synthesis Essay


In light of the works rendered by the Keller & Deresiewicz, the fact tends to be signified that the world has changed greatly. The world of today is much different than the world of ten to fifteen years back. The major change has been due to the major shift in the technological evolution. It is due to the technological evolution over the period of time that has changed many things in the surroundings of our operations. An area where the technology has rendered great changes is the way the individuals of today tend to think and write. Thus, in the context of the paper we intend to analyze the works of Keller & Deresiewicz and point, on the grounds where both the individual tend to agree and differ in regard to the subject highlighted above in the course of the paper.


Before moving further in the context of the paper it is rather important to stand with the opinion that the Keller & Deresiewicz do not meet on each and every aspect.


Both the individuals tend to agree with the fact that the technology has been able to grow and have impacted the way the individual tends to think. Their thoughts and ideas are now being shaped by the medium via which they tend to communicate with the world. However, the fact should not be ignored that since the technology has evolved the mediums have also evolved with time. The younger generation of today tends to write more as compared to the generations before them. However, most of their work today tends to be rendered via the platforms of the new mediums such as social media. With the advent of the social media the audience has not only stretched to inculcate the different borders and countries within the range of ...
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