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Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking


Since the emergence of globalization many of the companies have spread their influence through their products in all parts f the world. Amongst the leaders of various industries coca - cola is ranked as the top beverage, McDonalds as the most popular food chain and Apple has dominated the technology circuit with its innovative products targeting specific audience of a certain niche market. The paper will restrict itself to the system evaluation of Apple inc. and how its supply chain system works. In this discussion special emphasis will be given to the key factors which affect the system of apple Inc.

The company was initially named Apple Computer inc. which was found in the year 1976. However, the name was changed from Apple computer inc. to Apple inc. as the company expanded its operations from only computers to multiple electronic products. The company has its headquarters in the city of Cupertino in the state of California. Apple is numbered second in terms of revenue generation in the industry of information technology. It is rated as the third largest mobile phone manufacturer after Nokia and Samsung. Apple is rated as the top most supply chain corporation for tis innovation and strong monopoly over its suppliers by Gartner for the second consecutive year.

Apple initially launched with the production of Macintosh personal computers with Macintosh operating systems, later it expanded its production from desktop computers to laptops. In the year 2004 apple reached new heights as its innovative CEO Steve Jobs launched its trendy music players namely iPods. Apple further controlled the market of the information technology by launching the first ever smart phone as iPhone, it was soon followed by another state of the art product by apple namely iPad. Apple has launched various versions of all its products and deals not only with hardware production but also controls the software of all its products and has recently launched a cloud computing internet website hub which is responsible for sharing e - data files amongst the users of apple products.



Globalisation since its emergence has played a pivotal role in every domain of life. The social standards of living have changed significantly since the emergence of globalisation as communication gaps have significantly narrowed. Initially the time span for communication was very high but now it has limited to minutes and hours according to the mode of communication. The impact of globalisation has been a very influential and positive one for the business market as well. Companies like Apple take a lot of pride in selling their products in all parts of the world and their dominance and impact has captured the top ranks in all markets of information technology in every country.

Initially Apple beared very high costs of production as setting up an industry of manufacturing in USA had very high costs. As globalisation was introduced as a handy tool to the business world the company of Apple purchased rights of production in those markets where production cost ...
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