Tango Fire Performing Live

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Tango Fire Performing Live

Tango Fire Performing Live


I was fortunate enough to get a chance to watch a live dance performance at the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts (SMDCA) Center on November 23, 2013 at 8:00 P.M. The critique in the next section offers a review on dances performed in the SMDCA Centre.


Critical Statement about the Concert

Complete dark environment overflowing with expectancy and vagueness. After that, lights on across the stage. The stage curtains moved up and I am hit with a range of multi-colored and cheerily attired males and females standing on a stage. All of a sudden, they are shouting, and then they are moving on the floorboards, smiling. From the very start, the dance performance appeared entertaining and unanticipated. And as the dance performances progressed, their flow and smooth actions enthralled me. As I observed them, I was speechless. Whereas these actions appeared unsystematic and rambling, it all someway coordinated with the tune that was playing in the backdrop. I experienced all through the dance performance that these performers are sending me some messages with their body movements and feeling of expressions.

This time also South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center continued with its inheritance of carrying standout, varied artistes from all over the globe to South Florida as it launched its 23rd season of extraordinary program. Audiences were overjoyed to go into thus far one more season of energetic, stimulating dance performances intended to motivate spectators and expand their vision of the globe. With every performance, the event provided a medium involving culture values and thoughts, generating novel options for the population of South Miami to get together throughout public live arts events.

In a thrilling manner, South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center bought together a diverse grouping of Latin artistes for its foundational OLA Music ...