Teaching Adult Beginners

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Teaching Adult Beginners

Teaching Adult Beginners


Language is something that represents one's approach. People from all over the world communicate differently when it comes to having a communication going on in their second or third language. English language is the most spoken language all over the world, and is found the top priority when it comes to learn this language (Haessig, 2011).


There had been continuous practices by the different authors writing different books on teaching techniques over the years, and had been introducing multiple structural functions when back in 1973 a functional/national approach was discussed where collective subjects were adopted keeping what kind of group was to be taught (Johnson, 2011).. This design was to be evolves at zero level which would teach students to do things through language, and at the same time keeping focus on their grammar. But the biggest problem in organizing the course was faced when language functions got disorganized. And to overcome this problem few of the models were investigated.

Teach language functions in some kind of orders. And the material should not contain any relationship between the function and the expression.

Things happened just right now, not to be included.

Lengthy grammatical material to be avoided for discussion.

Thematic areas should not be confused with centers of interests.

Despite the fact, it is too early to make any value judgments about the functional/nation approach, but one thing is clear that it is here to stay and any other writing material must be influenced by functional/nation consideration.

This obviously does not end here, and what we get to find next is the serious limitation of this idea when it comes to deal in vocabulary and sentence. Because it is not possible in a general group of class where a beginner level has no immediate communicative objective. A big contradiction between what ...
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