Teaching Scenario Using The Hpl Framework

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Teaching Scenario Using the HPL Framework

Teaching Scenario Using the HPL Framework


The great challenge that society had in recent years is the giddiness of the changes occurring in social, environmental and political arena. The changes in the labor market, new technologies, the information society, and globalizing phenomena has unstoppably transformed the society and demand a change in educational procedures. The work suffers substantial changes and job prospects of advancing society towards higher quotas of modernization, requiring the input of women and a more qualified youth. This has been a challenge for those responsible for the formation of countries and for the same individuals that are formed by extreme competitiveness that moves the human race, by the scarcity of jobs overall level and the need the resulting specialization. The paper discusses the HPL Framework and its importance in the teaching and learning environment.

HPL Framework

The learning of young children is a guided to support early childhood programs. Using six key principles, the framework provides a common language for discussion and understanding of child development. The goal is to help the educators and early childhood practitioners working in the field of Early Learning and during their work in early childhood settings. The learning is based on research and perspectives in various fields of knowledge. It recognizes that families, communities and cultures have different values. It complements most approaches (Atman, 2007). The learning of young children is a dynamic document that, thanks to you, continues to evolve.

The concept of self-learning is a target for continuing adult education. The profound and radical changes cause a need to learn and a constant state of recycling in order to keep up with a world of perpetual change. The working hours, the distance from the traditional centers of training and educational demand forces the children to promote new training strategies, respect for individual learning times and offer very different modes of education. The learning continues from birth to the end of the days. The human species is immature in their training and requires constant adaptation to the environment (National Research Council, 2000).

The profound social, cultural, scientific, technological and economic place in the contemporary world requires grant general education and vocational training of adults, the character of strategic tools for improving the quality of life individuals. The men and women of today are within a new problem; demographic longevity has increased, while that has profoundly changed the age pyramid and this has increased the need for training throughout life. In a world changing as strongly today, people need and require learning opportunities throughout life, enabling them to develop their skills for the gestation of their own lives, their permanent enrichment as citizens, and the acquisition, improvement of professional skills or retraining.

There is a relationship between learning and its implications in the classroom, with a view to developing a teaching practice, which are more critical and reflective. The people learn through different ways, in particular contexts and specific, more somehow objectify understand these actions ...
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