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Behaviorism and Monitory theory are both helpful for student in order to learn and understand language. However, both of these theories are contrast to each other. In my opinion there should be a contrast of pre and post theory of learning. For example, Behaviourist theory is helpful, especially if the student learn how to pronounce a sound but at that time his parents does not focus on grammar. However, Monitor theory is considered to post theory that is helpful for children to make his or her language perfect without any grammatical errors. In this part, we contrast these theories on three broad background areas. (i) The mental apparatus that learners take to the take of language acquisition,

Language is the cognition that truly makes us human. Species do communicate with each other by using difference ability to produce different number of meaningful vocalization.

The behaviorist theory is the psychological theory which was essence of J.B Watson (Cook, 2008). The major principle of this theory is to make emphasis on the importance of verbal behaviour. The behaviorist reinforcement principle associates word with their true meaning. Correct words are positively reinforced when child realise that the cumulative value of words and their phrases. Such as when Children say Apple and then mother will smile and give him same as a results, the child find such outcome rewarding and enhancing the development of child language.

On other hand fundamental claim of the monitory theory is to deal with conscious learning. Theory was developed by Stephen Krashen. Study indicates that Monitor is a part of our leaning language system (Horwitz, 2008). The monitor is actually acted as an editor. The monitor also makes the correction before someone speaks. Such as, student might monitor the rule of subject and verb agreement in order to avoid the chances of error in sentence.

(ii) Supporting language teaching methods and techniques

Behavioral theories used different number of teaching methods and techniques. All of them are usually fall under the general category of direct instruction. Tutorial of this practice has includes drill and practice, programmed instruction and behavioral stimulation. Drills, Games, Tutorials, programmed instruction, simulations, graphic organizer, semantic Web and Integrated learning system are key techniques in behaviorist theory.

Monitor theory use the several important ad key rules that uses as a teaching technique. First, speaker must have a time to think in order to apply the grammatical rules and focussed on correctness (Hadley, 2001). Monitor also allows the learner to acquired language knowledge.

Acquired competence ? MONITOR ? output


Time to think

Focus on form

Knowledge of rule

(iii) Reasons for learners' errors in their inter language system

Behaviorism sees error fossilization which is considered as worst sequence of not correcting an error. Error of UG is probably become as the result of unmarked feature which might be neglected as the results of interference. Study indicates that parents are rarely correct the speech of their children but not focus on correcting grammar (Horwitz, 2008). Thus is results classroom errors frequently in order ...