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Web Services Methods and Technologies

Web Services Methods and Technologies


The idea of ??Web services has been developed by such giants of the computer industry as Sun, Oracle, HP, Microsoft and IBM. This idea is nothing new, but this is a big step forward for easier access to programs via the network. Based on the standard formats of communication, Web services can do to change our thinking about how we need to make websites.

What are Web Services?

Thanks to the web services feature of any program may become available over the Internet. Thus, programs such as PHP, ASP, JSP scripts, JavaBeans, COM-objects and all the rest of our favorite software can now access any program running on another server (i.e. web svervisu), and use response from her on its Web site or application. For example, if I need to do any programming task, and I'm too busy (or out of his mind to invent himself once again a bicycle), I can use the services of a web service, to which my site will be accessed through the Internet. By submitting a web svervisu parameter query, I expect an answer, which will contain the result of my request.

Anyone who has ever worked recently with Hotmail, already partly faced with Web services: user authentication system Passport - is one of the services included in the initiative of Microsoft. NET. Until it is available free of charge, so that the creators of Web sites can easily implement user authentication on the site.


The principles underlying the web services are surprisingly simple. And they do not add anything new to the world of distributed computing and the Internet:

Person responsible for the web service defines the format of requests to your Web service and his replies

Any computer on the network makes a request to a Web service

Web service processes the request, performs some action and then sends a response

This action may be such as stock quotes, output, output prices for a product, the preservation of records in the calendar of meetings, the translation from one language to another, or checking credit card numbers (García, 2009, pp. 101).


The reason that we are suddenly interested in web services is that they are based on standard, open protocols and data exchange. Prior to this, many companies have developed their own proprietary standards and formats. Now we need to know for just a simple XML ( eXtensible Markup Language ), which is passed by an old friend via HTTP. This means that the information on web services available to all, and web developers who, in a professional familiar with these technologies can begin to play with Web services today. The difference between Web services and other technologies that developers had to face (eg, DCOM, Named Pipes - named pipes, RMI) is that Web services are based on open standards, are easy to learn, and these standards are widely supported on all Unix platforms and Windows.

Protocol Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a standard protocol developed by the ...
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