Technology And Human Creativity

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Technology and Human Creativity

Technology and Human Creativity


In the recent past, the technology has evolved to a great extent. This evolution and advancement of technology has allowed for the accomplishment of remarkable inventions and creativity. The technology has had positive impacts on almost every walk of life. However, over use of anything beyond normal limits can cause negative impact as well. Same is the case with technology. There can be some negative consequences if the intervention of technology is beyond the normal or safe limits. People point out a number of such negative consequences that arise due to over involvement and utilization of technology. Human creativity is also affected by the use of technology in the same way. This effect can be either positive or negative depending upon the way in which the use of technology is made. For example, people tend to express their concerns that the advent of automated machines and equipment has reduced the need of manpower in industries, since these machines can perform task of multiple human workers. This results in the reduction of employment opportunities and the replacement of human factor by automated machines.

However, this is always not the case, and the use of technology has had positive effects as well on the human creativity. In this discussion, an attempt would be made to analyze the positive impact of technology on human creativity through different examples.


There are a number of examples in this world that demonstrate that the technology has had a positive impact on human creativity. These positive impacts are quite obvious. The examples that are chosen to be discussed in this essay are internet, social media, mobile phones, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) applications and automobiles.

The first example that would be discussed is of internet. Internet can be regarded as one of the most important inventions of the recent past that has revolutionized a lot of things in the world. It is a world-wide system of computer networks that are interconnected and thus form a huge network. Billions of people in the world use internet. It is perhaps a network of networks that comprise of millions of different networks including public, private, business, academic, government and social networks that interconnect to form the internet. Internet contains a huge amount of information resources and services that are very much helpful for the users. A huge number of websites are hosted on the internet from where information can be retrieved. Moreover, the field of communication has benefitted a lot from this creativity (Engineers Garage, 2012). Before the introduction of internet, communication was not this much simple. People can now communicate across the globe through internet connectivity by using means such as email and messenger services.

The second example that can be mentioned in this scenario is of social media. Social media is defined as the means of interaction that takes place among people by sharing, creating and exchanging of information and ideas with friends that are part of their virtual online communities ...
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