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Computer Security

Computer Security

Computer Security


Computer security is an integral branch of computer technology which is also known as information security in context to networks and computer. The main objective of computer security mainly includes the protection of property and information from theft, natural disaster or corruption, while allowing the data and information to remain easily productive and accessible to its desired and intended users. The term computer security refers to the mechanism and collective processes that are used in order to preserve and protect personal information and data from being tampered, collapsed or publicized for any untrustworthy or unauthorized activity.

The methodologies and strategies of computer security often tend to differ from various other computer technologies due to its eluding objective of prevention of undesired computer behavior. It is also the means through which the entire computer industry is trying to combat computer crime. Human dependency on computers has increased in the past years and any violation or destruction of these systems is bound to cause immense amount of damage.


It is quite certain to say that technologies regarding computer security are mainly based on logic. Developers of many computer applications do not generally make computer security their primary goal as it tends to limit the programs behavior. One of the biggest problems in reference to computer security is viruses. These viruses raise a major question on computer security, as it has caused trillions of dollars in damage. There are many viruses that can infect the programming of a computer for example software viruses, macro viruses and boot viruses.

Software viruses usually attach themselves to documents and program files. Many software viruses tend to infect any type of program or file for which there is a request for execution, including .MNU, .PRG, .OVL and .SYS files. The virus is loaded as soon as the program is loaded. Boot viruses on the contrary tend to infect executable code which is found in specific system areas present on a disk. They are mainly attached to the Master Boot Record on hard disks or the DOS boot sector on diskettes ( They often tend to infect the computer when the user tries to start the computer with the help of magnetic medium. Macro viruses on the other hand are the most common form of virus that tend to infect the computers, but they do not cause much damage. For example it would infect a Microsoft Word file and add unwanted phrases of words to the Word file.

There are many solution proposed in order to maintain computer security and avoid computer viruses. One of the most important solutions proposed is the installation of reliable antivirus programs. Installation of such programs ensure secure running of the computers. It is also suggested that antivirus should be installed even before using the computer or hooking it up with the internet, as they are worth their price and can often be downloaded for free. Installation of anti-spyware and anti-malware programs also tends to contribute immensely in solving the virus ...

How Operating System Works

How Operating System Works

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How Operating System Works


When the computer is turned on there are several functions and operations take place which users can see on the screen. They can use a mouse to move the cursor on the screen to select their music libraries, prepare their reports, design platforms, watch a movie or simply play a computer game. There is hardly anything which cannot be performed using a computer. The technological advancements have transformed the manual labor to automatic operations. However, we often ignore to realize the complexities and technical logics working behind an operating system. Most of the times our laptops, personal computers and PDAs are equipped with operating systems and we fail to consider the operational complexities working behind these operating system (Franklin, Coustan, 2011). In this paper I will be discussing the functionalities of these system and try to understand how these systems work.


A computer is nothing without an operating system. Operating System is a collective name for the software that enables the computer hardware can work with the programs on the computer. Examples of these programs are word processors, Internet browsers and graphics programs. The main task of an operating system is to divide the available time of the processor (the "computer center" of the computer) on the actions that a user performs on the computer. An operating system also regulates the management of available memory and pairing with other devices (e.g. mouse or printer) to the computer connected. However, the operating system programs are also controlled by communication with other computers. There are a number of operating systems that are preloaded in our laptops, PCs and PDAs. Microsoft Windows is the most common operating system available to users; others include Mac OS X, Linux or UNIX operating systems (Raymond, 2003). Operating systems are essential for computers which provide directions to different software to perform user inputs and commands. Following is the discussion of some operating systems and how they work.


Most of the PC users are aware of the (Microsoft Disk Operating System) MS-DOS. The system manages the operations of input and output and controls the video adapter, keyboard and other internal functions that are related to program implementation and maintenance of files. The MS-DOS is a single-tasking operating system with a single user interface and command line.


Unlike MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows in a multitasking operating system with a graphical user interface that runs on computers designed for MS-DOS. A standard interface is provided by Windows which is based on menus, windows on the computer screens and a pointer for input commands. Programs that are designed to be used in windows should utilize these characteristics. Windows is and multitasking operating system which can perform a number of operations simultaneously.

OS/ 2

The OS/ 2 was initially established as a joint venture between Microsoft and IBM. The system is capable of performing multitasking operating system for microprocessors or personal computers. Applications of MS-DOS and Windows can be run on OS/ 2 system.


UNIX was developed in ...

Computer And There Impacts

Computer and there Impacts

Technology Computer


Computer used and owed by everyone. This is the advancement which makes everyone work faster and convenient. Man has developed latest technology and has made human lives luxurious and convenient. It has become a basic asset in everyone's life. It is the only tool that helps in transacting throughout the world. We can spend and earn through computers. However, a machine is a machine and has limited duration of life. They give humans access from home to socialize around the world. Computers have a tremendous affect on our lives. People have become so much dependent on computers that it is so hard to visualize our lives without it.

The Impacts of Computer

Computer had influenced our life depriving our abilities to work eagerly; the generation nowadays likes to do things more easily making neither effort nor work. Relying on computers made us dependent to technology making our skills decrease and our patience towards work is very low. With computers surrounding us every day, it is very tempting to rely on them, and it is a fact that 70% of Americans rely on computers, this 70% of people affected people. 70% Americans are already a big population of people who are relying on computers what if we surveyed the whole world? Yes, Computers are useful but not to the maximum extent were you rely on them for the skills and abilities. It is simply calling yourself unintelligent, and another reason is you are not confident of your skills. Thus, how to solve this problem? Come on your not going to tell me your going to rely on computers again. You have all the knowledge and the basic skills (Neil, 2006).

In addition to that, the social system of making friendship affected also with all this computers surrounding us. Nowadays when we look at friendship it is known for Face book, MySpace or Twitter etc. Friendship today has a whole new meaning; the essence of friendship not valued. The value of making friends not exhibited in the following social networks. They show urge of judgmental to people, saying “like” or “unlike”. Sometimes this urgency of judgmental-ism leads to bullying or cyber bullying. It is a fact that 43% of teens are the victim of cyber bullying, not to mention that this is only teens, the population of victims is vastly growing with computers fast revolution. It is shocking to know that computers which is our, tool for enlightenment is reverting to as a tool of discouragement. I must say that our dependence on computers is inferior; the benefits of the computers affect every aspect of our lives leading to deprivation of our skills, social life, and abilities (Eric, 2007).

Are we too dependent on computers? Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the tools that we use to research and facts. School children largely use computer for their assignment. Many teachers in the past few years have noticed that rather than reading a chapter and writing a summary, children take ...