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Innovators of TechnologyAbstract

The research aims to propose the innovators of technology for being portrayed in a documentary film. The research contains a thorough description of the major contributions of three innovators, who had performed efficiently in their respective fields, and have benefited the mankind to their best.


Ralph H. Baer1


Summary of Innovations1

Steve Jobs2


Summary of Innovations2

Bill Gates3


Summary of Innovations3


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Innovators of Technology

Ralph H. Baer


He was an internationally known engineering consultant. He is credited for videogame console industry. His inventions include many successful electronic games and toys. The most popular game is SIMON game (a single chip microprocessor controlled game). He had received the National Medal of Technology by the President of the United States in 2006.

Summary of Innovations

In his article inventions & products, he reported that, in 1966, he had written the original theme of video games to be played on TV set. Then in 1967-1968 the first generation home video games were developed under his guidance He kept on working to provide video games over cable-channels. In 1968, he made it possible with TelePrompTer, NYC, then with the Warner Cable in 1973. He had licensed Magnavox for Brown box. In 1975, he had initiated microprocessor-based, VCR- centered Interactive gaming methods.

Then during 1976-77, he had been running a team at Sanders for building 6 gaming units for Coleco. Since 1978, he had proposed new interactive hardware and software ideas for video games including Instant Replay, drawing of interactive screen-characters. In 2005, he donated all inventive videogame entities to the Smithsonian Institution.

Steve Jobs


The history of innovators is incomplete without mentioning the name of Steve jobs. Apple Inc. has revolutionized the concept of technology and the Steve jobs started this journey of innovation. Born in San Francisco, Steve jobs had a lost childhood. After his birth, on February 24, 1955, his parents abandoned him for adoption.

Summary of Innovations

As per A+E Networks 2013, Steve was born with a smart brain. He went through different experiences before meeting Steve Wozniak in 1976. It was the union of two technology giants and birth of Apple computers. Apple Inc. never looked back then and kept on moving ahead on the path of innovations.

Before meeting Steve Wozniak, Jobs worked in Atari as a Video game designer. The beginning of Apple Computers was started in a garage due to the unavailability of capital and resources. It was Wozniak who took charge of Computer productions ...
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