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Technology Management

Technology Management

Telecommunication Technologies

Q1. Imagine you are a CISO of a publically traded company and concerned about security when sending any message traffic over the Internet to your remote sites. Determine the security measures you would consider implementing to mitigate security risks when sending message traffic over the Internet. Explain your reasoning.

As a CISO of a publically traded company, security is a major concern while communicating through the internet. So, the major security measures that would be considered in order to address the security reason include the wireless access that would ensure encryption standards. The operating system security updates should be updated that would control the vulnerabilities and prevent the messages and system from hackers and virus writers. The installation of antivirus will also play a vital role in the securing the messages and communication done through the Internet (Dean, 2003). Spyware and malware systems will also be installed on the systems that would provide secured access to the internet and the communication through internet will be more secured.

Q2. Suggest security devices or configurations that should be employed to mitigate risks existing in telecommunications. Support your response.

The security devices that will be used to mitigate risks existing in telecommunications will be the Voice over secure internet protocol. This device will play a vital role in the security of voice communication. Cryptosystems could also play a vital role in the securing the risks that could exist in the telecommunication systems. The implementation of cryptosystems and their proper use will enable the authenticity and confidentiality of the messages that are communicated through telecommunication systems (Leven, 2000). The implementation of the systems that are suggested above will enhance the security and reduce the risks existing in the telecommunication.

Network Security

Q3. Examine the defense-in-depth concept of a small government agency that has recently relocated ...
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