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Climatic Change

Climatic change is defined as the alteration or the change in the geometric properties of the climate system when considered over the long period of time without any cause. There are different factors which are involved in the process of oceanic circulation such as the biotic processes, changes in the natural world, volcanic eruptions, and climatic change which is often used to explain the specific impact of human.

Population Dynamics

Population dynamics is defined as the branch of knowledge which is concerned with the population size, and also the factors that are involved in their expansion, decline and their maintenance. In short it is the interrelationship of the phenomenon which has impact on the growth or the changes in the growth within the population. Modern Developed Countries

The impact of climatic change on the modern developed countries is that the health of the people will be affected deeply, though the Modern Developed countries have enough resources to face such changes in the climate but the people of Modern developed countries passes a busy life and because of the such changes in the climate system there will be more health related issues which causes their downturn in economy ultimately

Lower Developed Countries

The lower developed countries do not have the enough resources and the changes in the climate will causes health related issues and because of their lack of resources these countries are unable to face such challenges. The Lower developed are usually based on the agriculture resources and due to such changes in the climate their agricultural productivity will be affected and ultimately their overall growth and the production will also be affected.

Infant mortality Rate

The infant mortality rate is one of the important aspects because due to some changes in the climate health of the people will be affected along with other factors like the production and the growth. The climatic change causes changes in the health which is turn the children under the age of five years cannot bear such diseases that are caused by some changes and hence die, because of the changes in the climate change infant mortality rate has also been increased throughout the world.

Status of Women

The status of women is also affected by the climatic change because the pregnant woman cannot bear changes in the climate because it will be going to affect the child similarly the mother cannot feed the child if she is suffering from disease which is caused because of the changes in the climate.

Exponential Growth

The people are emitting carbon dioxide and other gases that cause green house effect in the atmosphere exponentially. The human being is growing exponentially and hence the economic growth rate is decreasing as the industrial world is plopped down on the top f this one in just two decades.

Consumer Demand

With the change in the climate there will be the change in the demand of the consumer for instance if in the season of winter there is need of wearing warm clothes while in summer light ...
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